This 2 Minute Video Of Children Losing Their Balloons Basically Sums Up Our Lives

Life. It’s a mysterious thing. And with it comes some tragedies and regrets and things we’ve let slip from our hands — intentional or not. There’s things we could’ve said, but didn’t, things we could’ve done, things we could’ve prevented. We look up at the sky and wonder if everything will go back to what it was before, back to something we could handle, something we could take. We look for signs. We look for something familiar. We grasp at things we find true, but our perception is false. The stress, the anxiety, the panic, it’s all too much. But we’re real. We’re alive. This is the world. And we do what we do best. We grin and bear it and realize that life isn’t over until you say it is. And life, it’s not over just yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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