This New Male Sex Robot Will “Blow” You Away

[vimeo 91265854 w=781 h=410]

Men can now masturbate hands-free. The Autoblow 2, the automatic blowjob “robot” just plugs into the wall and it does all the work for you (men). Now you can play WoW or play Madden while you feel this thing robot go down on you. We’ve all dreamed about this day. Built to last for “years,” this handy handless sex toy lasts for over 500 hours — that’s a lot of strokes. Their IndieGoGo campaign asked for $45,000, but they ended up over 600% of their goal, at $280,247.

Feel the need for a quick blowie? Don’t fret — this device has a stroke speed at its base. You can enjoy the machine at a slow, sweet pace, or go all-out with its fastest speed. I wonder if it feels better than the real thing? It’s up to you guys to make the call. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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