This Guy Explains (In Rhyme) Why This Generation Sucks And Needs To Interact With Each Other IRL


Our generation, the generation of smart phones, tablets, and portable computers, have “evolved” to a point where all we do is text, play games, and update social feeds, while there are actual people sitting right next to us. We don’t talk to strangers, in fear that we may look insane, or ignorant. We try to avoid real life social contact by gluing our eyes to our lit-up screens, spewing drivel and reinforcing the banality of our lives (and our friends’ too). Where are we going? How far can this go? This video asks you to stop and look up. Take the chance to greet someone, start a conversation, be a person. I don’t know when it’ll stop, but I suppose it all starts with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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