14 Unconventional Quotes From An All-Star Female CEO That Every Woman Should Read

Sophia Amoruso is the incredible business woman behind the fashion empire known as NastyGal. She recently wrote a book #GIRLBOSS full of incredible advice about life, business, and getting what you want from this life.

“Life is short. Don’t be lazy.” — Sophia Amoruso

“Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.” — Sophia Amoruso

“If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will— even if it’s not immediately obvious.” — Sophia Amoruso

“A #GIRLBOSS is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. As a #GIRLBOSS, you take control and accept responsibility. You’re a fighter – you know when to throw punches and when to roll with them. Sometimes you break the rules, sometimes you follow them, but always on your own terms. You know where you’re going, but can’t do it without having some fun along the way. You value honesty over perfection. You ask questions. You take life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re going to take over the world, and change it in the process. You’re a badass.” — Sophia Amoruso

“Its not about being included. It about creating your own space and including yourself and then finding other people that are like okay.” — Sophia Amoruso

“The last thing I’d ever subscribe to are fashion rules. However, I do think that you should put effort into what you wear. Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world. When you choose your clothing right, it feels good. And there’s nothing shallow about feeling good. Owning your style, however, is much more about your attitude than it is about what’s on your back. But don’t underestimate the transformational possibilities that getting dressed can afford you.” — Sophia Amoruso

“In my teens I saw the world in only black and white. Now I know that most things exist in a certain gray area. Though it took a while to get here, I now call this gray area home. I once believed that participating in a capitalist economy would be the death of me, but now realize that agonizing over the political implications of every move I make isn’t exactly living.” — Sophia Amoruso

“You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it. If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.” — Sophia Amoruso

“Remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t ever let the Man get to you.” — Sophia Amoruso

“The average American only saves 6.5 percent of his or her income, which is barely keeping up with inflation. But you, dear #GIRLBOSS, should save 10 percent at the bare minimum. I know it’s a lot easier to talk about saving money than it is to actually save it. Here’s a tip: Treat your savings account like just another bill. It has to be paid every month, or there are consequences… If you’re tempted to buy something, just imagine that those new shoes were actually made out of crisp $ 20 bills. Do those $ 20 bills look good getting dirty on the sidewalk? No, they do not. That’s because money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” — Sophia Amoruso

“You combine hard work, creativity, and self-determination, and things start to happen.” — Sophia Amoruso

“That’s the number one thing, perhaps even the only thing, you can absolutely count on. Regardless of what your dreams are, if you listen only to those around you, the chances of your dreams coming true are very small. The world loves to tell you how difficult things are, and the world’s not exaggerating. And that’s a real bummer. But, here’s the real shit: You can’t have it all, and nothing comes easy. You will make sacrifices and compromises, get let down and let other people down, fail and start over, break some hearts, take some names, and learn to pick up and continue when your own heart gets broken. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and out of the bajillions of things in this universe that you can’t control, what you can control is how hard you try, and if or when to pack it in.” — Sophia Amoruso

“Figure out what you love doing and don’t suck at, and then try to figure out how to make a living doing that. Don’t be scared. We’re all going to die, it’s just a question of when and where so be brave! You’ll never regret trying to fulfill your dream. Don’t get caught up in hanging out and drinking or partying. Celebrate when there’s something to celebrate. Take pride in what you do. Don’t do sloppy work— be the best! Have something original and special to offer that makes peoples’ lives better!” — Sophia Amoruso

“Bad bitches are taking over the world.” — Sophia Amoruso

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