15 Videos Of Children Getting Owned By Gravity

Most of the Thought Catalog demographic has no children. Enjoy your moment of childlessness. Because you’ll have to deal with these falls and then take care of the drool monsters. TC mark

1. Oh you’d better take care of her

2. She was really excited

3. Dogs 1, babies 0

4. Guy watches kids fall on ice, laughs were had

5. Head to the slide

6. His dad said don’t

7. Oh shi-

8. Look ma, I ain’t pedalin’!

9. “What the heck, that’s not how you jump off it!”

10. This went “viral” a while ago

11. He’s got it! No he doesn’t…

12. Boom. KABOOM

13. She started breakdancing herself

14. And the judges award…an 8.2!

15. And away we go!


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