Bill O’Reilly Being Bill O’Reilly Asks: There Has To Be A Downside Of Having A Woman President, Right?

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Wait Bill, so if someone is a female, they can’t be a president because…they’re too feminine? Talk about petty things? Do girly things? What about the Chancellor of Germany? Do you think she talks about her Brazilian wax?

And why did no one address him for saying “gender deficiency”?

But Kate Obenshain thinks certain women can’t be president — but that’s the same for certain men. Hey, Ms. Obenshain, if you are going to be the President of the United States, you sure as hell are going to be the strongest and best woman or man we can offer.

And Bill keeps doing Bill saying, “There haven’t been many strong women leaders.” And throws in Iran and Putin in for good measure.

Woman or man, man or woman, it doesn’t matter who holds office, as long as they can take care of the country and stand firm for our beliefs. Women, like men, can be just as — if not more — patriotic and that’s what this American thinks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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