5 Things Every College Student Should Obtain Shortly After Graduation

It’s that wonderful time of the year folks. The sun is staying out longer, you’re spending more time outside, and people are taking their tops off (of their cars, of course). This is almost the time where college students are studying and taking finals. Regardless of the amount of stress it brings, the promise of a summer break and another joyous semester awaits. However, for the lucky many the end of the road called graduation has almost arrived. And by lucky I mean;


I’m only kidding, well to a certain degree at least. Nevertheless, the decision you make on how much you like your new reality called “The Real World,” is one that you can make later. Nobody really knows what direction to head in after graduation, so hopefully this short list of essentials from somebody that learned the long way (aka me) can help you get started:

1. Updated Contact Information

This isn’t just another summer break you’re about to embark on, this is the grand finale! With no guaranteed way to run into friends, cool classmates, or just the random kids you see every Wednesday at your favorite bar; now would be the best time to ensure you have some way to connect with them. You would think this is a no-brainer, but you’d be shocked on how many phone numbers you don’t have saved or friends you’re not even following on Twitter. So whether it’s a good friend you hang out with multiple times a week and want to make more plans or friend with benefits you had back in sophomore year and just want to reminisce, your going to wish you could talk to them when its all over.

2. New Running Shoes

Now that you’re in the post-grad life, there are no free gyms or Rec Centers readily available for your use; and if you’re like me your me you will have the college student “what’s the cheapest thing I can get” mindset for awhile. With this in mind, this is the perfect time to get a new pair of running shoes. Running outside in the spring is not only mentally rewarding, but its also very free. This one time purchase easily beats out the cheapest membership to your nearest low quality gym. Couple this with push-ups, pull-ups at your local park, and eating healthy (whatever that is), you’ll finally shed that Freshman 15 you put on four years ago.

3. Passport

This may be the most important tangible thing a person can own in this time we live in. With this little booklet can actually go “anywhere your little heart desire”, as my mom always told me. If you done any reading at all this year, you’ve probably stumbled across a few articles portraying what seems to be nearly every other millennial in the world either quitting their job or forgoing the job search entirely to travel the world. To join the fun and make this dream a reality, getting your passport is a necessity. While you’re at it, you should definitely take some time and look into getting a Working Holiday Visa as well.

4. Job

New running shoes? A passport? Where am I going to store all these new contacts? Getting a job might seem like a no-brainer, but certainly can’t be over looked. All the freedom your about to have is going to be quickly filled with cool, fun ideas on what do with it and you’ll likely need to be working some sort of job to support it. Notice I didn’t say career. Don’t get overly stressed if you can’t immediately land a coveted position in the field you got a degree in right away. You should still try to make the any money you can while continuing your dream job search. Did I mention Sallie Mae is likely to come knocking soon as well?

5. A Five-Year Plan

Bare with me on this one. All your life you’ve had structure. “Pass this class, before you take this class.” “Complete the junior year, after completing senior year.” “Beat-up Bowser, before rescuing Princess Peach.” After college, all of this is gone. I’ve learned that for a person to continue growing and getting better at life in general, you must continue to set and accomplish new goals. However, this time in your life you can now choose what goals you want to accomplish. Whether it returning to grad school, learning five different languages, visiting all seven continents, or just keeping Princess Peach safe forever; you’ve got to plan for it. Of course things happen in life you can’t control, but with a plan at hand you can always refocus your life to the way you would want it to be.

This may be a scary time for most, but just think your just a few days and finals away from the completing the biggest accomplishment of your life. Congratulations and good luck Class of 2015! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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