4 Offensive Things You Should Stop Saying To Skinny Girls

1. “You need some meat on your bones.” We’re dreading the end of the summer because of this very statement. Yes, it’s cold. I’m sure you’d be cold in 30-degree weather as well. We have “meat on our bones”. If we didn’t I’m pretty sure we’d look like a character from The Walking Dead. 

2. “You’d look nice in this outfit because you’re skinny.” Uh, no. Actually, I wouldn’t look nice in those skin-tight, leopard print, pleather leggings and flower crop top in size xxs. Thanks, but just because it comes in our size, doesn’t mean we’d even consider it. 

3. “Do you eat?” Gives zombie gaze. I’m pretty sure if we didn’t eat, we’d look like… ugh.. see #2.

4. Please stop telling us we’re “so skinny.” We know. We wake up everyday in the same body. We feed this body and we bathe this body. Don’t you think we already know this? Plus, do we go around and say, “you’re so fat”? I think not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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