12 Lessons You’re Going To Learn About Life In Your Twenties

James Peters

You’ll lose a lot of friends, and then gain new ones.

Friends you once had and thought would be forever are now gone. That doesn’t mean there had to be a falling out, but you both just changed, and as you change-people change in return.

Love is the hardest it will ever be.

The First cut is the deepest, but so will be your second, third, fourth, and fifth. At this stage in life, love is everything-and without it life feels pretty hopeless.

You’ll love to be alone a lot more

You’ll realize that alone time is the best time. You’ll find yourself ditching friends to be alone, take care of YOU. To understand others, you must understand yourself first.

You may not know exactly what you want. But that’s okay.

You’ve changed- and when you change, your opinions, feelings, and interests do too. Not knowing what you want out of life, love, or career choice is totally ok. You will end up where you’re meant. Keep living.

Social media is all an act. Don’t get caught up.

Instagram models are they, you be you. We do not have to all “look” and be perfect. Put down your phones more often. Stop comparing yourself to others, be present.

You are the only person in your own way.

Don’t allow yourself to blame others for why you can’t do something. Don’t blame heartbreak for why you can’t love again-you are the only person who commits to change-don’t make others responsible.

Speak up in a group of people.

Be who you are, and don’t let others pressure you into feeling a certain way. If you feel something, express it. If you hate something, say it.

Strive to be respected, not liked.

Other’s opinions don’t matter, but their respect for you does. If you’re not liked, so be it-but you dammed well better be respected!

Stop waiting for tomorrow.

Do what you want today. Make that happen now. Be happy today, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

You’ll love your bed more than the club.

You partied hardy when you weren’t supposed to, now you find yourself tired of it. Now that you can go out, it’s not as fun anymore-we want the unattainable.

You will compare your current relationships to your former relationships.

You have moved on, but your first love you wont forget. You’ll compare all lessons you’ve learned to that of your first relationship.

Coffee is a necessity and you will be dependent.

Coffee is happiness, and will encourage you to push through your day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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