Barcabulary: The 12 New Words You Need To Know

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Out of all the social experiments our species has created, the bar is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining. Being “successful” at the bar requires a rare combination of proper timing, charisma, and spirited conversation. If you’re looking for love, the ability to effectively utilize bar lingo is crucial. Courtesy of ABC’s new show Mixology, here are some terms that’ll be sure to enhance your wild Friday nights.

1. Anchor Baby


A drink one places strategically next to a potential hook-up to provide a reason to return to the area and resume flirtation.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on neon heels – I left an anchor baby.

2. Bargument


An argument that you ordinarily wouldn’t give a shit about, but because you are drunk and in a bar, at that moment it’s the most important thing in the world.

You are INSANE if you think Jurassic Park 2 is better than the original.

FAR better than the original!!

Mixology's Tom (Blake Lee) getting riled up.
Mixology’s Tom (Blake Lee) getting riled up.

3. Bronsoning


Named after the notably cool bad-ass actor, Charles Bronson, Bronsoning is the rare ability to look cool while standing alone.

Where’s that hot model chick?

Oh, she just left with that dude who was Bronsoning in the corner for the last two hours.

Makes sense.

4. Comic-Con Booth


A woman who attracts nerds.

I wish I was more into guys who live in their parents’ basements, because I’m a total Comic-Con booth.

5. English Degree


A total waste of time; someone who, despite ostensible interest, will never go home with you.

Way to waste four hours and $200 on that English Degree.

6. Four Second Look


Eye contact of the ideal duration to convey sexual interest, as a shorter look can be perceived as accidental while a longer one can be straight-up creepy.

Is that girl into me or is she just – oh yeah! Four second look! This is happenin-! oh no, she crazy.

Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) and Liv (Kate Simses) checking out the scene. - Mixology
Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) and Liv (Kate Simses) checking out the scene. – Mixology

7. Origami Mommy


A super flexible yoga mom who brags about how many sexual positions she can get herself in to.

I’ma fold that Origami Mommy like a lawn chair.

8. Pac-Manning


The act of physically dodging unwanted attention or advances.

Those frat dudes know how drunk your are — time to Pac-Man into the ladies room.

9. Quality Control


The act of making sure a potential hookup looks as good up close as they do from far away.

You’re gonna send her a drink from 30 yards away? Run some quality control, brah.

10. Sunday Killer


The drink that puts you over the edge, guaranteeing a day-killing hangover.

Bro, we’re doing Jager shots.
I’m out, that’s a total Sunday Killer.
Get new friends.


12. Twintercourse


A male fantasy that probably almost always never happens; sex with twins.

Twins two o’ clock – you think they’d be down for some twintercourse?
Absolutely not.


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