7 Dating Mistakes To Avoid This Spring


1. Momentum Fueled Breakups.

March is one of the times of year with the highest amount of breakups. This has been commonly referred to as “spring cleaning,” and makes a lot of sense — the holidays are far enough gone, and a lackluster Valentine’s may have set the gears in motion.

However, especially if you’re in a more serious relationship, be sure not to be as whimsical as the weather. Don’t “spring clean” for the sole purpose of needing a change — see if that change could be implemented within the relationship. Moving too quickly here is something you could really regret down the road.

2. Frontloading Cool Dates.

This particularly applies if you’re in the process of courting someone. The weather suddenly turning nice will lead to a whole array of dating options — perhaps there’s a ton of stuff in your city that you’ve been looking to do with a date, that’s now possible because the outdoors is suddenly not only bareable, but extremely pleasant.

That said, you might want to hold off on going to that really cool outdoor hummus place until you’ve found someone who you really want to go with there; forcing the issue could ruin that place forever, and that’s just a bummer.

3. Showing All Your Cards Too Quickly.

It’s a perfect day; not a cloud in the sky, the temperature couldn’t be more agreeable, and this boardwalk escapade is going way too well…scary well.

When all the stars align, it’s tempting to push the envelope; reveal something about yourself, or ask a question that inevitably pushes the relationship forward. Slowly revealing one’s vulnerabilities is an essential and exciting part of all relationships. Just don’t do it too fast.

4. Family Barbecues/Events.

There are a lot of gatherings in the spring-time; graduation parties, barbecues, and the like. Remember to only bring your new friend with benefits if it doesn’t sound like the worst idea of all-time.

5. Pushing The Limits On Outdoor Fitness Activities.

If you’re looking to go on a sort of date that involves physical activity — biking, hiking, a super intense nature walk — make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to physical activity. You don’t have to be as fit, but you do have to understand the silo in which you’re respectively operating.

Pushing the other person too much leads to a miserable time, and nobody wants a miserable time.

6. Outdoor Hookup Spots.

Hooking up in a nice, outdoor spot is a joy among joys. Obviously it’s pretty important to ensure that your cool backyard spot is actually private; especially these days, where people choose to occupy their time at work by watching people have their lives ruined on YouTube.

7. Allergy Watch.

Avoid meadows. Disaster potential. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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