7 Uproarious Louis CK Late Night Television Clips That’ll Have You Laughing For Days

Louie’s best known for his standup and critically acclaimed television show, but arguably the best merger of his philosophical talents happens in the late-night guest chair. In light of his recent sit down with Jay Leno, almost certainly his last given Leno’s impending retirement, here’s a look back on some of Louie’s finer moments on the sets of late night television:

1. Everything’s Amazing And Nobody’s Happy

This went back in viral back in 2009, and arguably marks the point where CK catapulted from very good comedian to national ginger treasure. Here, Louie incorporates one of his signature bits, “everything’s amazing but nobody’s happy.”

2. Evil Cellphones


In a further critique of contemporary technology, Louie talks about the dangers of being immersed in our screens, and explains why his kids don’t have cellphones. If you’re into honest existential doom, a great watch.

3. Realistic Expectations For The New Year/Leno Goodbye

Earlier this week, Louie went on Leno for what’s likely the last time. He discussed Christmas anxiety and gave a touching, heartfelt goodbye to the giant who’s anchored the Tonight Show.

4. “Two White Girls In America”/Historical Context


A great take on privilege, race relations, and why nobody’s allowed to dislike bubblegum medicine.

5. Young Louie & Robert Smigel


This 1993 clip features a younger, more absurdist Louie CK, a writer on Conan at the time, working with Conan and legendary comedy writer Robert Smigel. Internet speculation has decided that this wacky dog bit is a precursor of sorts to one of Smigel’s most notable comedic contributions, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

6. Hurricane Sandy/Financial Planning

Filmed right after Hurricane Sandy, Louie talks about his lost boat, and why the purchase was ill-advised.

7. Dead Body + Dice Clay Voicemail

Last summer, while promoting  the Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine, CK went on Letterman to (a. talk about the time he found a dead body, and (b. replay a very gruff voicemail from comedy heavyweight and Blue Jasmine co-star Andrew Dice Clay. Heartwearming stuff. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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