This Abominable Rape Joke Is Going Viral On Twitter

In today’s edition of “the internet is a terrifying place,” we have a rape joke that has reached viral status:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.45.51 AM

It appears that the “joke” first surfaced sometime in August, and has since gained some steam. According to Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman, it’s been reblogged over 100,000 times. The trend is being further documented on the tumblr blog Fucking Rape Culture, who is calling out those who have been endorsing the post. The tumblr further notes that “None of these people will mind at all if you hit them in the face with a spade. After all, it’s flattering that you’re risking jail to hit them (or possibly kill them. That should be even more flattering, right?)!”

You can follow further developments on Fucking Rape Culture or this tumblr page from tumblr user Amy Brown, who was the first person to bring the “joke” out of the internet underworld after her boyfriend showed her a screenshot of a tweet he found on reddit.

Yikes. The human race is frightening. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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