12 Things Guys Want Most Out Of A Relationship

1. Someone who gives us and excuse to do cool things we wouldn’t do otherwise–like attend a Mediterranean food fair.

2. Someone with a great laugh.

3. As per the cliche OK Cupid profile statement, someone who “likes going out and having a great time, but also doesn’t mind a quiet night in.” Too much of the second one leads to a dark, existential crisis. Too much of the first one leads to rehab.

4. Someone with aspirational interests. Motivation is sexy, and it keeps us wanting to do things as well.

5. Someone we can feel completely and wholly comfortable around, while not feeling like we have to conform to some sort of outrageous standard. Part of a girlfriend’s job is of course to prevent us from reverting into complete and total slobs, so what we really want is some sort of middling.

6. Someone with the best smelling hair.

7. Someone who looks just as cute/sexy in a big t-shirt/sleep outfit as they do all dolled up.

8. Someone who we don’t need to worry about when out–they’ll never be too irresponsible, dependent, and will never make an unnecessary scene.

9. Someone who teases and makes fun of us when we deserve to be made fun of.

10. A sex life that isn’t necessarily wildly spectacular, but one that is at times pleasantly surprising. Not too surprising (we all remember Isla Fisher’s character in Wedding Crashers), but enough of a sense to know when things need to be shaken up.

11. Someone who we didn’t realize we just spent 3 hours talking about nothing with.

12. A Best Friend.

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