20 Women Reveal Their Strangest Experiences On Tinder

  1. “Was discussing meeting up with a guy from Tinder and when talking about it he asked if I had any hot friends to bring along. I asked if he was bringing any friends and he said no. He clearly was angling for a three way before we even met.” – Brittany, 25.
  1. “His opening line to me after we were matched was quoting the song ‘Ms. Becky’ by Plies to me. The song is about giving a blow job. I’ve joked around about the song with my friends, but a little too much as a conversation starter from a stranger.” – Becky, 22.
  1. “I met up with a guy and he seemed disappointed when I showed up. After some awkward small talk he asked how old my pictures were from my profile. I told him a few months. He was clearly referring to the fact that I’d recently lost about 25 pounds. Most guys would be excited about that, but he flat out told me he preferred thicker women. Never heard from him again.” – Cindy, 28.
  1. “There was one guy that I was talking to that I found out he had created multiple Facebook accounts for the sole purpose of liking a variety of different things on each one. He then set up multiple Tinder accounts to give himself a chance at maximizing the number of girls he matched up with. I admire his creativity, but still kind of desperate.” – Amanda, 25.
  1. “My first ‘date’ with a guy from on there was at a restaurant and it turned out our waitress was his ex-girlfriend. He tried to act surprised and say he didn’t know she worked there, but I wasn’t buying that. Sure seemed like we were there to make her jealous. That was definitely the most awkward hour or so of my life.” – Jennifer, 26.
  1. “A guy sent me a dick pick out of nowhere after only a few messages. We were talking about our favorite movies and then all of a sudden there it was on my screen, It was actually a pretty decent size, but no matter what it looked like that was a little too forward for me.” – Melissa, 24.
  1. “I was messaging with a guy for a few days that I was matched up with. It was going fine, no real fireworks or anything. Then at a certain point the conversation just seemed strange. Not too much later he admitted that he was really a she. This girl created this fake guy profile to see if she could get a chick. She swears that she is straight and that she was just curious if she could do it, but seems like a weird thing to do just because.” – Rachel, 26.
  1. “Ordered a pizza and when it was delivered the guy kept saying he recognized me from somewhere. He then remembers that it’s from Tinder and that he swiped right on me. I awkwardly said oh thanks. He then asked what happened? I told him I must’ve somehow missed him on there. I then quickly said see ya and closed the door. I had definitely seen him and swiped left.” – Erin, 23.
  1. “I saw an old high school teacher of mine on there so out of curiosity I swiped right and we matched up. Back when I was in school I had a little crush on him. We briefly talked, but I soon realized now that I was not some little girl he wasn’t very interesting or even that attractive.” – Tracy, 21.
  1. “I’m pretty sure I hooked up with a guy that I met on there that is homeless. He didn’t seem like he had been homeless for like months or years, but it definitely seemed like he was in between places. At first it didn’t bother me that he always insisted on coming over to my place. After a certain point he was just hanging around there too much. One night I said I didn’t feel like messing around and he asked if he could still crash on the couch. I let him that night figuring I would be nice so he didn’t have to like sleep in his car.” – Erica, 28.
  1. “You asking me about my weirdest experience on here.” – Michelle, 22.
  1. “I made plans to see a guy for drinks and he no showed. I tried texting him, but I got no response. Since I got blown off I made no effort to reach out to him after that. A few days later I got a message from him apologizing for not making it. Without me even asking he said he wasn’t there because he got locked up over the weekend. I had to assume he was telling the truth since that would be a pretty weird excuse to use. I didn’t bother asking why he had been arrested, but I also made sure to not try to reschedule our meet up.” – Emily, 26.
  1. “The first question I’ve been asked by some guys when we are matched is if I’m DTF. I mean could you be more cliched? The real problem for them is that sometimes I would be if we talk at least a little bit. Asking me that right off the bat is going to get you nowhere.” – Amanda, 24.
  1. “I was talking with a cute guy on here for a few days when all of a sudden he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house to have Sunday dinner with his family. We hadn’t even met each other yet.” – Melanie, 23.
  1. “During conversation with one guy he found out where I worked and started asking me if I could get him a job there. It seemed like the conversation just kept getting steered in that direction by him. He even asked if he could put me down as a reference on the application. I eventually stopped responding to him and I haven’t seen him at the office so hopefully he didn’t put me as a reference.” – Diana, 27.
  1. “I showed up a little early for a date with a guy from Tinder and I when I recognized him he was meeting another girl. He didn’t see me so I eavesdropped a bit and he clearly had set up a date to meet her here too. It was like the coffee ship was his office and he was seeing us on appointments. I actually got up and left before he saw me.” – Chelsea, 29.
  1. “There was a guy I was talking to on there and we decided to meet up. From his profile he was a good-looking guy, I think it said he was 27. I showed up looking for him when some balding guy in his mid-40s approached me and introduced himself. I clearly showed my surprise and he acted like nothing was wrong or off. I made a few small hints at the elephant in the room, but he still never made any mention of it. I kind of admire his guts and dedication to the lie. Not enough admiration to ever talk to him again though.” – Claire, 28.
  1. “I was making plans to go out with a guy that I matched up with and when asking him what time we should meet up he said he needed me to pick him up. I’m kind of formal so if anything I expect the guy to pick the girl up so I asked why. He told me it was because he had just gotten a DUI. To me that seems more like fourth date info, not pre-first date info. Plus I’m not looking to be a chauffeur.” – April, 27.
  1. “After talking with a guy for a few days on there I was started to be interested in him. Then all of a sudden I got a message from his wife. I immediately told her I had no idea that he was married and I’d never get with a married man. She didn’t cuss me out or anything. Funny enough she actually told me that her husband was a loser and that I could do better. I told her the same back. Kind of wish we could’ve been friends.” – Jenny, 26.
  1. “I had just broken up with my long-time boyfriend and was looking to have some fun. I didn’t quite know what I was soon to get into as I started talking with as many guys as possible. Eventually I found one that was hot and interesting enough to go out with. I wasn’t looking for another boyfriend, figured I could get a good hook-up out of it. When I arrived at his house I was surprised to see ten to fifteen other people there. I played it off, but soon learned the reason for so many people being there is that this was some sort of orgy that had been set up on Tinder. As honored as I was to be included I wasn’t ready for that level of fun. I made out a little with the guy I had been talking to and then snuck out.” – Courtney, 22.
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