I Am Not Defined By My Anxiety

Society believes that mental illness only affects those who are weak and it is something that those affected individuals should be ashamed about.

Anxiety like all other mental health struggles has been branded as a defect.

Having anxiety or any other mental health problem does not make you any less of a person than compared to someone who does not have this struggle.

The truth is mental illness knows no boundaries. It is an issue that affects the globe. It does not know race, gender, class or nationality.

So, what if I have anxiety? It does not define who I am as a person.

Yes, I may experience a racing pulse, panic attacks and the feeling of impending doom but underneath it all I’m just a person like every-one else.

Life is already hard and adding anxiety to the mix makes it even more difficult. So why should I feel shame when anxiety visits me?

Let’s face it, no one wants to have anxiety but it’s a part of life for some of us. And we should not be looked at or treated any differently because of it.

At one point or another everyone has been gripped by intense emotions and feelings of worry.

The stigma behind mental illness does not affect me.

I refuse to allow people looking in at my life from the side-lines to define me based on one simple word…….ANXIETY!

I am so much more than that.

My anxiety makes me stronger.

It gives me courage.

It makes me brave.

It gives me a better appreciation for the things around me.

It makes me more empathetic to others.

It inspires my growth and self-improvement.

It makes me a cautious thinker.

It makes me careful when making decisions.

It makes me a great problem solver as it causes me to think outside the box.

It pushes me to move towards my goals.

It makes me more observant.

It makes me more sensitive and loving.

Don’t define me based on my anxiety. Instead define me based on what my anxiety makes me.

I am not defined by my anxiety. And you aren’t either.

I am a lover of furry animals and Jesus Christ.

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