Mass Opinion, Minimal Knowledge

Violence does create heroes and villains doesn’t it? Friction and texture arises between those who are both near and far. It creates a vessel for pessimistic interaction, where both ends emerge, energized with new life.

Five times the first-hand account, opinions are offered, like pennies found in the street. Not only do I feel we embrace the excitement, but thrust out our chest out to greet it. With no natural predators, it leaks into every crevice of our output.

Nobody is right or wrong, because every left and right footings branch out like trees rooted in the ground. We take on these instances we have never seen, with great animosity, because we have become too powerless with the mundane living we deal with regularly.

We all wish to be the hero of our generation, and arms we take, to either side, we lower our shoulder. With a smile and chin pointed north, we embrace the inflexible path we have been guided to so systematically, as if a smooth and lush path is not an option. Instead of stepping away from what we do not know, we cling to the surplus of opinions that we are being fastened to, tighter than a last goodbye, which is an ironic use of energy and time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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