6 Signs You’ve Graduated In The 2010s

1. Your Bachelor’s Degree is the equivalent of a glorified GED.

It seems as if getting a Master’s Degree is expected now and that scares the shit out of me. I hate to ask but are the years of finishing school young, over? Although, look at the incentives there are to dig deeper in your education – obviously job security but who doesn’t want to stay in college just a little bit longer!

2. Instead of summer after graduation you can expect three months of unemployment.

The rapid rate of successful college students for some reason has grown faster than the job opportunities. So we sit applying day after day in our parent’s basement, lounging on the couch next to our framed diploma that is already collecting dust. So learn to be proactive; if you are a graduating college senior, after you read and retweet this article quickly narrow down some occupational opportunities … but the retweet must come first.

3. You and your significant other have to make a conscious decision.

Are you going to follow the paper trail or follow your heart? Who knows, in the faint chance that chivalry is still alive then maybe you guys can make your next move together. After the cap is thrown it is time to make a decision about which route in life you’re going to take.

4. You can bottle your emotions up into 140 characters.

For some reason the social message boards prove to be our escape nowadays and I doubt that it’ll change anytime soon. On the other hand, Twitter may make for some pretty witty writers and if it didn’t consume the time you all should be putting towards your college papers then it could in some odd world be seen as an educational exercise.

5. The new resume is called LinkedIn.

From job recruiters to network building, LinkedIn.com is the public resume we all use to be so hesitant to unveil. The site also seems to develop the talent of stalking when you start to see what your high school classmates are up to.

6. Adults send smiley faces and snap selfies.

Apps run the world and only in this era does a man with a beard text endless emojis to get his point across and the beautiful lady on the other end of the conversation returns the favor with a menacing 6-second destructible picture. I think that’s called a Snapchat? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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