Sincerely (I Love You)

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Three words seem so simple and do so much. I love you; the words come out of my mouth like the moon at night and the flowers in spring, easy and gentle. I find myself wondering how you hear them inside your head. Do they sound equally beautiful, powerful, and extraordinary? Unbelievable to say that here, at this moment, I love you. 

I like to close my eyes and think of you; I swear I could almost hear you whispering those three words that help me get through. Even when we’re apart, even when life gets hard and threatens everything that we are, I promise, I love you.

My flaws, and my mess, your patience, and your strength. I chose you, which means I share my soul with yours, which means that for every precious feeling I give you my heart in return. You chose me, which means that for every beautiful word that you speak I give you a whole poem in return, which means that for every moment spent together I see a lifetime with you. We chose each other, and that only means that life always rewards those who wait and forever, I love you.

Trough sunshine and rain, at the end of the day I’ll always love you. More than anyone could think of, more than it is humanly possible, and even more than you love me. Every time I look into your eyes the world around us stops, the fear goes away, and life feels good, it feels right. Sometimes I believe there’s no word in any language that could describe my love for you, it’s bigger than everything we know and to try to define something utterly undefinable is not something I will do. The only thing that comes close to it is the way I show you when I touch you and whisper those words into every piece of you; now you don’t only hear you also feel me, I love you.

You’re so dreamy, so extraordinary, so passionate, and magnetic; I get lost in everything that you are. It is fascinating how I was never afraid to fall when it came to you because falling for you meant completing myself and I was ready. I’m ready for you, for life, for life next to you; even if the world is against us, I’ll still hold your hand and dance around in existence next to you.

Sincerely, I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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