An Open Letter To Those Who Couldn’t Love You

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How could they not love you?

Look at yourself, so rare, so wonderful, so affectionate, so amazingly beautiful, so you. I don’t understand how they could let you pass by without admiring your exquisiteness.

How could those that looked into your eyes that shine so bright, not see the depth of a universe hidden within them? Did they ever wonder what treasures were waiting to be discovered? How could they look at you without seeing that everything they’ve been searching for was adjoining their surface? Why didn’t they knock down every wall to see what was behind them? Why couldn’t they take their time to love you? Why did they rush the moment without knowing you?

How could those that heard your story, not tell the world how strong and passionate you are? How could they not fall in love with your dedication, your soul, your journey? How could anyone not want to hear your voice every hour of the day? Why didn’t they listen to your dreams and think you were going to have it all? As a matter of fact, why didn’t they dream of having everything with you? Why couldn’t they love you the way you love yourself or even more? How long would it take to convince them that you are worth loving? They had you, and they let you go; I still can’t comprehend.

How could they not want you?

Your sweetness, your touch, your kisses, the tears and the laughs. How can they not adore the warm and safe place that you are? Oh dear, please just look at you! How could anyone not find everything you do endearing? How could they not want to spend nights with you, laughing about life and seeing you become a mess? How could they not find happiness in the realness of your words and the sincerity of your smiles? You don’t try hard, you don’t want to be like the crowd, you want to be yourself, and that sets you apart from everyone else. Why couldn’t they accept that? Why couldn’t they realize that those flaws are like roses that make up a lovely garden? Why didn’t they stay longer to see you become the person that I see now? 

I don’t know why anyone could not see the fascinating person that you are, I don’t know if they got a taste and decided they didn’t want more, I don’t know if they were too lost in this life to see your beauty, but I do know something else… Darling, I know that you are not for everyone, and your love deserves everything there is to offer; you could bring the stars to your feet every night with a simple smile. They never knew your worth, but I see it.

There’s no need for you to prove your worth because those who see gold will most definitely see you.

I know that you are worth loving, always have been, always will be, and you should know it too; don’t allow “them” to show you otherwise. To those who couldn’t love you, thank you! For allowing me to love every piece of you. TC mark

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