The Five Types Of Guys Almost Everyone Dates In Their Lifetime

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Brooke Winters

Throughout our life, we meet lots of guys and have the opportunity to date some of them. Unless of course, you’re one of the lucky ones that get married with her first love then uh this is not for you. However, us, the other group who get to try several times before meeting the one experience different situations with each one and here are the top five that I guarantee you will come across at least once (or twice if you’re dumb like me and never learn) joke.

1.  First Love

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a first love. This is the guy most of us meet at a very young age and think it will last forever. The sweet, innocent, and corny love that every girl wishes she had when you have it. He is your very first heartbreak, and he’s the one you hold onto the longest because you think you’re never going to meet someone like him. WRONG, there’s always better! Keep looking.

2.  The One After Or Second Love

This man right here, he is the one that taught us that there is life after the heartache. He will show you what real love is and you will learn so many things from him. You see yourself with this guy forever and this time for real! He gives love a meaning, and he is too good to be true. However, he might break you so much that it will seem irreparable, but he will also make you stronger, and you will learn what self-love is. After him, nobody will hurt you, and you won’t fall that easy ever again.

3.  The Player

You know about him, I know about him, everyone in the neighborhood knows about him. He’s better known for being a heartbreaker and being cute. We become players and together make a team that later becomes chaos. Everyone warned you, but you knew how to play the game better, so you just had fun and never fell for it. Smart girls win!

4.  The Soulmate or Love Of Your Life

You meet him; you feel like you’ve been friends forever, everything is great, and there are no awkward stages with this guy. You feel at peace, and you know that you’ll never meet another person like him because the connection between you both is unique and beautiful. He’s the one you want to write a song or a book about because your story is too wonderful to be left untold. Been there, done that!

He will leave and teach you a great lesson; if there is anyone who will take care of you, it will be YOURSELF.

After him, you will never settle for less than what you deserve because he showed you just what you needed to see and never gave you less than that.

5.  The Last Guy

Yes, you guessed it! He is the one that will share this awesome life with you! The father of your children, the one you will wake up to every morning. He’s the last one, in your life and on my list. All the heartbreaks won’t matter once you meet him because you will understand why it didn’t work with any other guy. Everything will be in place, everything will feel good, and you will get to enjoy a lifetime with the man of your dreams.Maybe you’ve met one of them, all of them, or found every guy in one, but whatever the case is we always learn something from each one of them that makes us better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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