It’s Okay To Feel Hurt

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In a world full of the need for acceptance, being broken doesn’t seem like the best way to go. What if I told you that you don’t have to be happy all the time?

When things go wrong, when you feel empty and lonely, when you don’t know how to handle every single thing that life throws at you, it’s okay to feel hurt.

Remember that there is no need to pretend like things are going good when deep inside your soul is begging you to let it feel, to let it heal entirely without forcing it to be something it is not.

It’s okay to cry even when you thought tears couldn’t fall down your face anymore. It’s okay to feel heartbroken when you lose a love you wanted to keep forever. It’s okay to be disappointed about that life you haven’t figured out. It’s okay to think about the past and feel sad. When life feels wrong, it’s okay to feel weak. Do not deny yourself from the realness of your emotions, learn how to be honest with your heart.

Take steps backwards, stop and rethink how you want things done, become angry with that person who broke your heart. Pray for better days and cry until you feel the dryness in your eyes.

If rain cleanses your soul and washes away the pain, please go ahead and dance under the biggest storm.

Let every raindrop take away the ache inside your body.

After all, there is great power behind being broken. You have the ability to shatter into a million pieces until you’re destroyed and still manage to reignite into a better and stronger individual. Just like you’re allowed to break you’re allowed to heal, and that’s the beauty of it all. Give yourself all the time necessary to get over whatever situation you’re going through. Keep in mind that no heart breaks the same way, no story is the same. Therefore, no one can push you into healing a certain way. No other human has held the same burden of emotions that you have. You are the powerful force required to light up life after so much darkness.

When the time comes, and you feel the strength inside your body, you will realize why all the pain was worth the fight. You will heal.

Somehow, without notice, everything feels lighter. The stress and disappointment become motivation for you to accomplish those goals left undone. All the heartbreaks find their way to a new love that helps you experience new things. Every source of sadness that overpowered every other emotion fades away and turns into a lesson that helped you recover your mind, soul, and body.

You are and will always be more than all the weakness that filled your void. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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