7 Ways To Challenge Yourself To Become The Best Version Of You This Year

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1.  Accept that everyone makes mistakes and it is absolutely fine.

Don’t punish yourself or others for doing things wrong, nobody is perfect, and errors serve as a learning method. Look back to all the things you’ve done wrong and how they have strengthened your character, how they shaped you into the person you are now and how it will continue to be that way. Do not dwell on mistakes; this will make you feel miserable and useless. It’s better if you encourage yourself to take advantage of errors and the benefits that come along with them. Such as; growth, strength, and knowledge.

2.  Move on from everyone and everything that holds you back from becoming who you want to be!

Get rid of toxic people who don’t contribute to your success and never motivate you to do your greatest. Grow, create, explore and learn; do not become discouraged when things go wrong. You don’t need negativism to become successful. Learn how to set high standards for any relationship; romantic, friendship, or work-related; this will help you know who is toxic and needs to be gone.

3.  Love yourself the way you love others!

Please, I cannot stress this enough, show others how you want to be treated by treating yourself with the best type of love and respect. Self-love is the most powerful type of love, and once you discover this, you will become powerful. Don’t try to become good for others, be good for yourself instead and I promise you, the world will thank you. Once you love your life, mind, and body fully; the love you give to others is beautiful and kind.

4.  Surround yourself with confident and motivated people.

Encouragement is always needed, and those who can provide you with useful and positive things need a spot in your life. Positiveness is contagious, and when we allow it to be a part of our lives, negativity gets ruled out, and there’s space to welcome the nurturing and renewed energy. The people we surround ourselves with should have brilliant qualities that we admire, people who are role models, people whom we can look up to when we need inspiration or motivation of any sort. The good ones need to remain close to us to become better.

5.  Accept constructive criticism.

Anything that can help you grow into a better person, whether it is advice or criticism, take it! Turn the negative into the positive and acquire knowledge from the feedback received. We tend to use critique in the worst way possible and fail to recognize how it can help us do things better. Next time someone critiques some of your work or something you did with your life, sit back, listen, and ask how you can improve.

6.  Embrace change.

Doing things differently is always a bad idea. Sometimes we need to do or see things in another way to realize there’s more out there. Start by taking baby steps; I’m aware that change can be scary because we like stability, we prefer feeling secure. Now I challenge you to get out of your nutshell and find yourself by adjusting to a new life. Come to terms with that person you need, want and are meant to be. I know nobody wakes up one day and decides to flip everything upside down, but let go and start living. Soon you will be where you want to be.

7.  Never forget where you came from.

Remain humble even if you’re standing in the most significant part of the world; remember you can fall down the same way you got up so do not think you’re worth more than others. One of the saddest things is seeing how those who got to the top forget all the struggle they went through to get there. Be authentic, be grateful for those who helped you become successful and don’t forget about the people who now support you, set a good example and be a leader.

Becoming a better person can be hard, but once you understand your needs and wants; everything else will come easily to you. Things always fall into place, even when it seems impossible. Just remain true to yourself and don’t allow others to control your life. I’d love to hear back from you, contact me through any of my social media or leave a comment and let me know how the challenge worked for you. Remember, the world is yours! Go on and take it. TC mark

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