Here’s Why You Should Date The Girl Who’s Out Of Your League

Toa Heftiba

There will always be someone you’ll like who’s intimidating. However, those who step up their bravery always get the best fish in the sea. Intimidation is nothing but a wall to protect themselves and if you slowly make your way to the other side, you’re most likely to succeed. Unless, someone beats you to them. When that happens, there are two things you could do: wait or walk away.

The fondness starts with the little things then you start to realize that those eyes are what your heart has been searching for. You’re slowly falling in love with every inch of her and you realize, “Shit, man. She’s way out of my league.” Stop flipping coins whether the ‘universe’ will allow you to make a move or not. Do not waste your time picking petals after another of an oxeye daisy.

Ask her out, make her smile, hear her laugh, adore every inch of her, and fall in love with her. The power is within your gut and heart. It might even be your best decision yet.

If you want her so bad, run twenty miles and go get her. Maybe, just maybe, you’re what she wants.

Don’t wait for assurance. Falling in love is all about taking risks.

You might get hurt in the process but eventually that’s what will make you strong and brave. Fall in love with her before she does because that’s what she deserves. Don’t have someone next on your list. Make sure she’s that only one. Don’t forget chivalry will never be dead for the person you want and love the most.

No one will tell you how much pain and regret you’re going to feel if you didn’t ask her out. Don’t let those ‘what if’s linger in your mind. Let your heart tell you those ‘oh well’s instead. People will tell you that you don’t have a chance. How would they know when you haven’t even asked?

There’s going to be fear in your throat, anxiety in your stomach, angst in your veins or panic in your mind; but don’t ever let that get the best of you. Take heart. She might not be strong enough to put her guard down. Break her walls little by little. Soon, you’ll be the prince charming who didn’t need to let her shoulder-length hair to get up to her tower. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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