What If All Of Us Just Did A Little Bit More?

At the end, people regret only things that they didn’t do. Doing more is not a waste of time. There is always room for these actions that will fill your soul. We may all have found ourselves saying these sentences below, but do not allow this to happen again and take action before it’s too late. Be nice and wise.

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1. What if I had studied more to pass the exam = It’s only 10 minutes of your time. Do it.

2. What if I had worked out more = Half and hour a day.

3. What if I had talked to my parents more = It’s just a phone call.

4. What if I had expressed myself more = Even a word is enough.

5. What if I had talked about it more = A few more words. Real ones.

6. What if I had spent more time with you = Another cigarette.

7. What if I had given more hugs = A few seconds.

8. What if I had said ‘’thanks’’ and ‘’please’’ more = Less than a second.

9. What if I had smiled to people more = Half a second.

10. What if I had been more polite and kind = Get the attitude.

11. What if I had helped the weak ones more = A hug and a kiss.

12. What if I had shown to my people more love = Morning texts and presents.

13. What if I had stayed somewhere more = Your instinct knows better.

14. What if I had dared more = Embrace challenge.

15. What if I had risked more = Now or never. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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