How To Be The Black Sheep

Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks

A. How to be the black sheep when you are a teenager

1. Dye your hair a colour that everyone hates.

2. Get a lot of piercings.

3. When your parents say NO, you say YES.

4. Wear something from 2050.

5. Talk as if you are from 2050.

6. Choose with you like to speak and those who you don’t like show it to them!

7. Experiment with music and styles that most of the people you know dislike.

8. Be mysterious and don’t reveal everything.

9. When the majority agrees, raise your hand and disagree. Without arguments. Just because you can.

10. Let them make assumptions.

11. Shave half your head.

12. Start learning a completely useless language because one day you will move to this country where people eat coconuts and swim all day.

13. Speak and act like a grown up.

14. Let them wonder if you are gay/straight/bi.

15. Hang out with any kind of human that exists. Queers, weirdos, philosophers, artists, emos, idiots, black, white, purple, green etc…

B. How to be the black sheep when you are an adult

1. Get a really cool tattoo that means everything to you and do not talk about it.

2. Do not talk about your past.

3. Do not brag.

4. Do not talk about money.

5. Make other people laugh.

6. Risk it.

7. Let at least one person to mind fuck you.

8. Experiment with studies, jobs and career.

9. When the majority agrees, disagree with arguments.

10. Be straightforward and sharp.

11. Be sarcastic.

12. Tease everyone.

13. If the suit & tie suffocate you get rid of them.

14. No second thoughts.

15. Stay a kid at heart.

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