A Letter To The Lonely Hearts On Valentine’s Day

Enis Yavuz / Unsplash

Some people think love is all passion, kissing and swimming in bed sheets together. The “we’ve been together for x amount of years” love.

Sure that’s a type of love….

Valentines Day, more so, the month of February, puts our minds in a fog.

You don’t have a partner so you think that you are “alone” and “unloved”.

I think humans forget, love can be you helping a stranger,

it’s the “did you get home okay?”  text,

love is believing in someone,

love is telling the truth,

love is a shoulder to cry on,

love is sharing conversation over tea,

love is when actions speak louder than words ,

love is an act of kindness.

love encompasses different levels – love doesn’t ask for anything back or expect anything.

I think wanting these corny things for Valentines Day: cards, candies, flowers, there is nothing wrong with it.

It really means: “I want to be shown I’m loved” – human nature, wants to be loved and shown love in different ways. It’s the act of doing that makes our minds go “oh wow they do love me, look what they did.” Its a temporary satisfaction.

Some might want flowers, and others may want to just walk hand in hand on the beach, some ways we show love are silent.

love is how you interpret it –

And I think the hidden love,

the “I bought you a cookie just because you were having a bad day” kind of love is those little things from the heart that show your soul.

So, this Valentines Day when you think no one ‘loves’ you – look for the tiny details in your everyday life.

We think ‘things’ are love, its more than the physical, more than the things we just buy, more than one day in February.

This word ‘love’ is an action of what we miss being drowned in the superficial of what love can be.

Once February 14th melts away, my question is, are you showing love besides a day that makes you obligated to show it?

You are not alone.

You are loved – every day, not just on February 14th.

Close your eyes and think of what real love feels to you, what it means to you. TC mark

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