Love Didn’t Hurt You, Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Love Hurt You

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

I think people look at love all wrong, especially when they get hurt. They blame love — love didn’t hurt you. Someone who doesn’t know how to love hurt you and you’re confusing yourself between the two.

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings we can experience — but when relationships end, people lie, cheat, or leave … whatever happens — we get hurt and we blame love. Bitterness sets in and we look at the world differently, those rose colored glasses you were wearing have been broken and you see the colors you were missing. We truly romanticize the people we adore.

We say “I can’t fall in love again because I don’t want to get hurt.” what a disservice you are doing to yourself.

Love has never failed you and it won’t fail you. There should be no reason to swear to stay away from it — there are so many people that love us in the wrong ways, who will remind us of the pain that we endured, who create hatred in our hearts — do not let someone poison your soul, do not give the heartbreaker the gratitude of dimming your shine.

Some people come into your life solely to serve a lesson instead of showing you love. Thank them because those people are just as valuable as the ones who love you.

People like this only will help you grow taller. They are the ones who end up lonely in the end — you may think they have the perfect love without you, or that they found what they needed by hurting you — but believe that if you keep your heart on your sleeve and kindness in your eyes, you will end up the richest in life.

There will be a moment they will apologize, and you will get a punch in your stomach and you’ll want to drown in the rain than deal with the pain of the past — you will feel like pieces of confetti scattered all over the floor, and how they ripped up parts of you that you felt wouldn’t never be the same.

We need to accept the feelings we have, the hurt, the sadness, anger — we need to really look at them. Not wallow not lay on the floor helpless but to look at the situation and instead of connecting the person to love being painful, use them to know that is not the kind of heart you ever wanted to love you.

There is so much to be gained without destroying the beauty of what love is really about.

Love never hurts you but the absence of it will — so you may think that without them you are nothing — do not allow someone to decide what you mean in this world. You are everything — the sun, moon and stars and they will see your beauty everywhere they go being reminded of what they tried to destroy but never could.

When someone tells you that you mean nothing in this world, they will never be anything more than poor in life. Riches come from kindness, real love, and truth- you will be the wealthiest of them all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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