How One Solo-Trip To San Diego Changed My Entire Life

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I was at an all-time low; I was severely depressed, anxious, and lost. I was desperate for an escape. So I did something totally outside of my comfort zone; I packed my bags and went on a spontaneous solo trip to San Diego, California.

Here’s the thing- I’ve traveled alone before, and although those trips were incredible, they weren’t life-changing and didn’t really change me. So as you might expect, I was a bit apprehensive about traveling to find myself, but this trip was different than all of my other trips.

As soon as I landed in San Diego, I was high on happiness. I was excited for the journey ahead.

San Diego changed my life and this is how.

Prior to this trip, I was an introvert, I had damaged self-esteem, and I rarely stepped outside of my comfort zone. I hated being alone, and a lot of my self-worth was dependent on other people.

While I was in San Diego, I went beach hopping and spent evenings soul-searching along the beach shores alone. I wandered through the city all by myself. I became self-reliant. I made new friends and connected with some of the most inspiring people — I slowly became less introverted. I reconnected with myself and figured out who I am. I became comfortable with my own company. I realized that I’m a ‘catch waves, not feelings’ type of gal and that’s totally okay. I learned that happiness starts from within.

San Diego taught me that life is a lot like surfing; sometimes you’re going to lose your footing and fall but you need to get back up and keep going. Sometimes the waves are going to hit you hard, but you need to rise above them.

Because after all, everything is going to be okay.

I went to San Diego to find myself, and I did just that. Because of this solo trip to San Diego, I am now an updated and improved version of myself.

So if you’re reading this and lost like I was, here’s my advice…

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to travel alone and go on new experiences all by yourself. Don’t look for validation from other people — do you, for you. TC mark

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