From One Millennial To Them All

This place sucks.

Honestly, the world is terrible. It’s a mess. A mess that we didn’t make, but one we’re expected to clean up. LOL! Sounds like being at home, right?

I’m not typing this to be your mother, or your father. I’m typing this to be the friend that I wish everyone had. That missing link to give you the good vibes. Not really to inspire you because we all know that inspiration is overused these days. I’m going to be really frank, and blunt.

 We’ve basically been asked to be superheroes.

 We’ve been asked to be Jesus. We’ve been asked to be Buddha. We have all been asked to be the best, and most open-minded human beings that we can possibly be. All in an effort to better the world.

What’s even crazier is that we’re doing it. En masse, we’re out in the world giving people smiles even when they won’t smile back just to show them happiness is possible. To seek joy instead of losing hope. We’re telling them to their face that we don’t want to work their 9-5 fast food job because what they’re selling kills people, and we don’t want to be associated with murder.

We’re here to help.

They were so scared of what we would turn out like when we would get older. “The internet isn’t safe for kids” they would say. The internet is what taught us that other people have not only opinions, but likes, dislikes, dreams, and goals. It helped us realize that it’s not only the people we grow up with that share these common traits, but everyone across the globe. Regardless of their culture, their religion, color of their skin, or their gender.

We preach feminism because people are people. Men are people. Women are people. People are people. To us gender isn’t  even a thing. People are just human.

We know humans are complex. We know that everyone has their scars, and troubled pasts because the world is a place filled with suffering. We know that for every one rape the media chooses to report that thousands more are happening. Some to our own friends. We know that, no matter how you twist or spin it, killing is wrong.

Generations of the past will call us arrogant. “They think they know everything.” No, we don’t. We just know everything that matters, and that’s that everything matters. Life is about us collectively, and not us individually.

This was written so you know that those thoughts in your mind are being felt all around. We’re not empathetic. We’re connected. We’ll peacefully tear the walls of society down a day at a time. All it takes is patience, and hope. Don’t be afraid to smile because you know the change is going to come. :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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