7 Ways Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Take Control Always Get The Relationship They Want

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istockphoto.com / Georgijevic

What separates the girls who get the guys from the girls who don’t is that they know when they need to be a bitch.

Contrary to popular opinion, being a bitch doesn’t always mean engaging in shady behavior or bad mouthing people. It’s about recognizing that sometimes you need to be a bitch, especially when it comes to what and who you want.

Bitches get the guys because they refuse to be treated like an afterthought. They’re not afraid to put him back in his place when he’s not calling or not showing up to dates. If you cross a bitch, there will be hell to pay.

Dating can be a tough game for those who don’t know how to play it. And the ones who do know that you have to bring out your bitchy side every once in awhile if you want to win. Here’s why bitches always get the guys.

1. They live their own lives.

This girl’s not looking out the window aimlessly, hoping that one day a guy in shining armor will show up at her doorstep and save her. No way. She’s fulfilling herself with her own passions, which leads to guys pursuing her everywhere. If he’s lucky, she’ll fit him into her schedule. If not, she’s perfectly fine on her own.

2. They aren’t afraid to call a guy out on his bad behavior.

When a girl allows a guy to get away with bad behavior, he knows it and gets bored quickly. But a bitch doesn’t stand for that. She calls him out quickly to let him know exactly where her boundaries are. A guy won’t put in effort to change his ways if you don’t get a little tough with him and make him feel the consequences of his actions.

3. They’ll walk away if they don’t get the treatment they deserve.

Plain and simple: she knows when it’s time to walk away. If someone’s been trampling on her heart time and time again, there’s no way she’ll stick around. Don’t expect her to look back either — a bitch loves herself first and foremost.

4. They’re fierce and outspoken.

She’s different than most girls. She’s definitely been through and seen some sh*t in her past, so she’ll stand up to injustices. A girl with a bitchy side is intriguing for most guys, because she makes him work to earn her trust.

5. They don’t stop until they get what they want.

Goal-oriented and stubborn, a bitch always puts 100 percent of herself into whatever or whoever it is she wants. The motto here is, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” The guys take notice of her drive and attitude and admire her for it.

6. They’re ridiculously honest.

Guys are direct creatures. They don’t really get it when you slightly “hint” at something; they need to be told exactly what you want and when you want it. And if they’re not going to deliver, you better move on. Bitches are upfront with men from the get-go, which is why they spare no time on the ones who aren’t worthy of it.

7. They don’t seek validation.

A fierce boss bitch doesn’t need a guy’s attention to feel good about herself. She’s her own seal of approval. In fact, it’s mostly the guys who are trying to seek her approval. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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