My 20 Promises To You

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I will be your sanctuary and a safety net to fall back on—all while praying that never will there be a time in life you’ll need me to be.


I will love you when you insist on having a twirly mustache. And I’ll secretly hope it’s a phase you’re going through. But I’ll love you.


If you’re ever bored with me, I will learn new things to spark your interest all over again.


If ever you’re wrong, I will stand up on tiptoes and whisper it in your ears. But I will hold your hand throughout, because no one else in this world should believe in anything less than you being right. You will always be right. Anything else will be our secret.


So you are never troubled, I will always answer all your questions about where I’m going and who I’m going with.


I will learn to cook whatever you like.


I will revel in the way you make me feel. And I will flaunt it when the time’s right to let the world know they wouldn’t even come close to making me feel that way.


There’ll be a time we’re not together. So whenever I bring out my little box of memories of you, I will first think of your crinkly eyes when you’re really smiling. They make me the happiest. Like a warm bonfire whisky night glow inside. I will always try to make you smile.


I will never let anyone make me feel like I don’t know you. I will always know all of you in my heart. I will smile my know-it-all smile at them. No one will ever feel or think they can change my opinion of you.


Your laughter calms me down. It’s naturally blush-inducing and heartwarming. I will always appreciate you for it.


I will love your ego far more than my own. No one (including me) will ever have the authority to shatter it. I will make sure there’s plenty of damage control if ever anyone (including you) raises a doubt in your head.


I will be OK with you doing girl things like using conditioner, lip balm, moisturizer, loving shoes, loving shopping, knowing shades of colors, knowing plants, and getting facials and massages. We will do some girl-bonding things together.


I will make you see beauty in everything you say and do.


I will continue to surprise you with everything I say or do.


I will fiercely protect your flaws and view them as nuances that make you perfect. I will love them and mother-hen them.


I will never stop you from looking at boob things. I will sit with you and look at them myself. We can get philosophical about boobs when we’re high, too. Sometimes, we can be perverts together.


I can’t promise I’ll never get mad at you. But I’ll never get mad at you for big things. It will be for little things. Then I’ll get over them. I’ll never be bitchy and arrogant with you over them.


If ever you shout at me over anything, I will cry like an idiot. But I will never leave you for shouting at me. I will stay away for a few days but never leave.


If someone tries taking you away from me, I will remind you of what we have—after stabbing that bitch (not really).


You will forever be mine. And only because you’d choose to have it no other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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