Date A Man Who Has Been Around The Block

image - Flickr / Michael Yan
image – Flickr / Michael Yan

This beautiful man, known for his quick wit and charm, is the ladies’ favourite. He strives to please the best of women and given his intricate knowledge of them, ends up attracting quite a few. He is not to be confused with a playboy though, that who takes pleasure in collecting women by the truckload and has no qualms about dating (or sleeping with) multiple at the same time.

Date this pleasant, witty man with his cocky smirk and delectable wind chime voice. He’s standing in front of you, leaning in playfully only to scoff at you for asking him which perfume he uses.

“Real men use cologne.” he says, looking bemused.

He has mastered the art of sales pitching.

Mastered, I say, because its been tried and tested on multiple women of varying caliber, for effectiveness. Why? Because he knows how to sell an idea. The idea of himself, or the illusion of well-
being. Because this man will keep you happy through the toughest of times by telling you the sun is shining when its actually just a dull cloudy day. And you will believe him.

Date him because his first step will be to decipher your needs, in order to give you exactly what you want. Having been around a lot, he will know the appropriate time line for every milestone. So no, he will not pledge his undying love for you on the first date or think of your life together the next. He will instead, play by the book you didn’t know men were capable of. Giving you some while leaving you craving for more. Whispering sweet nothings while remaining seemingly impassive. All in good time is his mantra.

He will understand and appreciate every contour of your body, leaving small silver sparks flying off your skin while he skims its softness. His intimate knowledge of a woman’s body will keep you asking for more.

Date him because his willingness to comply means you’ll never have to ask.

Don’t date him if you haven’t understood his needs though. Strive to keep his attention, albeit without the mind games. He who knows women like the back of his hand also knows a gem when he sees one. Be that gem, because life is too short to date a boring man. Or, to live without the envy and jealousy of women who weren’t able to snag his delicious attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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