5 Reasons Why Having Your Period Rocks

jenny downing
jenny downing

1. You get to be an asshole.

When you’re on your period, you can go from being a stable, normal human being to a manic, emotional, insane mess and it’s totally OK! Everyone understands. Ever seen someone go from hysterical laughter to sobbing all because of a 30 second commercial featuring the local grocery store? That’s perfectly normal—every 28 days or so.

2. You have the perfect excuse to stay in.

Let’s be honest: No one really wants to get dressed up and go out and be…you know…social on a Friday night these days. Netflix exists for a reason. Revel in your solo binge watching without facing judgment while you can.

3. You get to have cramps.

So you feel like someone is literally trying to rip your lady parts out of your body without giving you anesthesia. It totally sucks, but it makes you super grateful that you don’t have to feel that way a majority of the month. The benefit of feeling like death because of cramps is knowing that the pain eventually goes away. The chance to re-appreciate the non-cramp weeks is a kind of blessing.

4. You get to wear sweatpants without feeling lazy.

You’re now so bloated that you can’t zip up your jeans. So you don’t! Whatever, tight clothes. You grab those comfy sweats and rock them as necessary while bleeding, and without apology.

5. You get to sleep like a baby.

You came into the world in the fetal position and this is probably the only way you’ll be able to get some z’s while you’re miserable and cramping. But it’s fun to play baby. You’ll feel super cozy curled up into the tightest human ball possible beneath the sheets. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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