How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Vampires

Some people who are not aware or awake find the words Psychic Vampire to sound something out of a movie or tall tale; however, this is not Twilight. I am not Bella and this is real life. If you are a sensitive soul and empathic like myself, you will need to know some of the vital rules to surviving in a world full of energy suckers. I am going to first speak a bit on what exactly a psychic vampire or emotional vampire is for those whom it may not be so clear to.

A Psychic Vampire is one who draws off of others energy. Some do not even know that they are doing so, and this is what makes it tricky in life when determining who you must cut ties with for your own good. Do you ever feel great and then meet up with someone for lunch, coffee or a talk and shortly after you experience symptoms like lethargy, dizziness, depression, muscle stiffness and or pain in various parts of the body? How about insecurity and feelings of not being good enough? If you said yes, then chances are you picked up the feelings of that person unintentionally. These feelings often go into the body energetically as pain. For others it’s more of an emotional pain and causes confusion and conflict of the personality.

We are all energy made up of dark and light. Some have raised their vibration high enough to be able to project only light, while others are unable to give off any light simply because they do not possess enough internally to give so therefore they feed off of others. Ever have a friend who is always down or stressed and will call you over to listen and before you know it they are full of life and are cheerful while you are left feeling down and not adequate? This is another example of the way energy vampires work. They take what they need to feel a certain way because they do not possess it theirself with in. I have found it very hard to make new friends and keep old ones around as I have become more and more open to energies, which is a good thing but also a bad thing as well if not controlled (that is a whole other topic to tap into in the near future).

For now, here are some rules to protect yourself when you go out among large crowds, negative friends, stressful workplaces, shopping malls, restaurants and just about anywhere “normal” people roam.


Always stay hydrated. Yes. Water is everything. It is what makes up most of our being. If you are dehydrated you will experience these symptoms quicker and more intense than if you weren’t. I aim to drink 8 to 10 8oz glasses a day but I am a water drinker. If you do not love water you can get water in the form of seltzer water adding limes or lemons and even teas, but limit the sugar.


Be well rested. As an empath when you are sleep deprived you are more open to receiving energies than if you were well rested. Have you ever stayed up a few nights and started to feel EVERYTHING? I have, and when I was younger it was somewhat a cool experience however now it is more like a punishment.

If you have plans with a friend or a hectic day ahead make sure to get the proper rest. Being rested for everyone is vital, but especially in highly sensitive people. You will pick up more and you will become more of a target making it easier to get to your energy source.
This will leave you drained for days maybe weeks if it gets to this point.


Sometimes you have to cut ties with friends. It is not easy. But if you only ever feel bad around someone what purpose is it serving you? Perhaps they are harboring too much negativity and in time you can be around them again. I know it is hard for people who are not affected by everyday activities and people to understand what we go through and often we are deemed as “crazy.” This term no longer affects me one bit. And I hope if you ever are called this by people you hold dear to your heart, you have learned to let it roll off your shoulders and into the ground below you. If not, do not worry we will get there.

If you do not want to cut all ties try meeting up in nature to ground you. You can also bring along a mutual friend who harbors more light to help balance. Often when there is more than two people you can control the energy around you more easily. But in the end, if you have negative relationships with people, I say cut the chord because in the end it will be cut one way or another otherwise you will just be constantly drained and unable to shine like the light you are.


Some people say to carry stones such as black tourmaline, Onyx or Quartz. There are many that can be used however I personally find techniques to work much better. Some cases stones will not save you from those who leach off of you and you must put more effort into protecting yourself. It doesn’t hurt to carry stones, as they do possess properties that can help ground you and ward off the negative but never rely on these as a sole source of safety.


I tend to fold my arms across myself or chest as well as cross my legs when I am in a conversation that is heavy or in a group setting that holds a lot of feelings I do not want to take in. This can protect your heart chakra and provides a barrier between you and them. Even a sweater can provide an actual blanket to protect you. I often wear something around my shoulders and neck. It is not only comforting but seals your energy in a bit better than if you are walking around in a tank top and shorts with your skin all exposed.


Before I go out in public especially social settings I often say a little something out loud for intent.

You can say something like “I surround myself with only white light and ask that I am only presented with light and positive energy. I do not accept anything dark into my being and am protected by all that is good and wish to experience only good energies. And so it is.” You can say anything you wish as long as you speak your desires on what you wish to attract or expel. Intent is everything. The universe will hear you and you will be guided accordingly.


Often I feel someone needing me that is in a dark place and I can feel their eyes upon me. Just because you have the ability to feel and or heal DOES NOT make you obligated to do so. That is your choice and you can choose not to invite anyone into your being without feeling guilty or like a bad person. I avoid people when I am not well enough to provide help or withstand what they will present to me. You are in control of your gift which sometimes may feel like a curse if not careful. Never feel like you HAVE to help this person because they are staring at you or trying to make conversation. Be polite but be firm and do not worry, they will go on with or without you. If there is one thing I have learned from all my work it is this: You can not save a soul. Only we can save ourselves.

I am going to leave it at that for now. Here are some places to practice these techniques if you can not or wish to not avoid them altogether.

BARS = Thee worst possible places for empaths to hang out in. They are filled with people all running from something including themselves often drowning out their own feelings with alcohol and other substances.

If you go into bars you are inviting in all kinds of negative energies in and must protect yourself.

Ever go into a bar feeling great to perhaps watch live music with no plans to drink until hours pass by and you feel the sudden urge to down a few drinks?? That is because you have sucked up all the feelings around you and your psyche is confused and now mixed up with everyone in the place. It is best to simply WALK OUT and call it a night. If you choose to stay and drink you will most likely than not find yourself in a draining conversation. Know that BOOZE lowers your vibration and ability to protect yourself by breaking down walls and leaving you more vulnerable to all.

Some other places are doctors waiting rooms, shopping malls, gas stations, coffee shops (however they are more safe as people tend to go to them for peace and quiet not to mingle and escape in others) and any other social gatherings especially involving alcohol.

You may be thinking, “well maybe I will just become a hermit and never leave the house. I’ll do all my shopping online and avoid social gatherings altogether!” I have been there. I am still somewhat there and I will tell you that the more you keep to yourself the more sensitive you become and the HARDER it is to feel “normal” and just relax in social or public places. So just know your limits. Be aware of your surroundings and keep good company. That is my best advice. If you are in a toxic romantic relationship you may want to step back and try to think with your head rather than your heart and weigh the pros and cons of the rela. Sometimes it can become very tricky to differentiate between who is FOR you and who is OUT for you. I hope this helped someone out there. Til next time, love light and sanity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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