Here’s How Venus Will Impact Your Life In Spring 2017

Andressa Voltolini

It is often darkest before the dawn. The challenging period of self-evaluation ends, and a beautiful chapter of positive, steady action begins. Happy Spring!

Venus, the planet that rules love. Self-worth, harmony, comforts and finances, has officially emerged from the underground. This kicks off a new eight year Venus cycle, as she is raised as the morning star.

Venus is still retrograde until April 15th. That said, Venusian themes from the past are now coming up, being re-evaluated and healed. Venus will be retrograde in the sign of Aries (new beginnings) today lastly, dipping into Pisces (closure, sacrifice, past life connections) tomorrow afternoon.

What’s interesting about Venus starting her brand new eight year cycle, while retrograde, is that decisions will be made during this time, to reconnect and rekindle friendships and old flames, carrying them into the future of shared life experience (Jupiter in Libra, which is also RETROGRADE lol).

As these people reappear from our past, we will find that there’s more to feel (Pisces), more to experience (Aries), and more to learn (Jupiter) through shared experiences (Libra).

Think about who was in your life and the related themes in your life from March/April 2009, and also from late November 2013, to around March of 2014. You might be floored at who reappears in your life now, from those time periods mentioned. There’s no such thing as a coincidence, and nothing done in this universe is by accident.

The past two weeks had Venus in the underground, where she disappeared completely from the night sky, while conjunct the Sun. Events that took place during this last 14 days relating to love and harmony, possibly money, shook us to the core, in ways that were hurtful, infuriating, and confusing. These events took place, because we are meant to open our hearts to new perspective. Now’s not the time for a closed heart or intuition.

Be brave, be confident in your self-worth, and practice patience with yourself and others during the next eight weeks. Because after Venus stations direct, we’ll have to deal with mercury, but that’s different topic for another day. One thing’s for certain, this is one hell of a way to kick off Spring. Have fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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