How Your ‘Karmic Cord’ Is Subtly Pushing You Toward Your Soul Mates

João Silas
João Silas

It’s such a good feeling when you meet and connect with someone new. The subtle electricity between you two, coupled with the mysterious anticipation of getting to know your new love is an excitement worth its weight in gold. You truly feel that all the stars aligned, just to bring the two of you together.

Now, you start to feel those fluttery butterflies for your new lover. Well honey, I have news for you.

Those proverbial ‘butterflies’ you feel at the sight, thought or touch of a crush or lover is the karmic cord between you two.

What’s a karmic cord, you ask? It’s the energetic path between you and another person. It’s the attraction you feel for them. It’s the reason you get so frustrated with them, you could scream. It’s the reason you allow them to make you so angry, you consider doing them bodily harm. But you would never harm them, because you love them.

It’s the reason you go out of your way for them.

It’s the reason why your orgasms are so incredible with them.

It’s the reason why you hate them.

It’s the reason you still get a tingle in your stomach at the mere thought of them, even if it’s been years since you last spoke.

It’s the reason why they look so familiar to you, even though you both are meeting each other for the first time, in this life.

It’s the reason you crave to be near them.

It’s the reason they show up in your dreams, constantly. It’s the reason you learn from them. It’s the reason they can make you cry.

It’s the reason you’ll never be the same after meeting them.

Karmic cords are infinite soul ties we have with other people. The connection is often intense, as to differentiate the karmic interactions from the random or circumstantial ones.

Here’s the catch:

A karmic cord is not a fairy tale. Such a connection isn’t always meant for happily ever after.

So don’t wallow in the heartbreak. Don’t turn all angsty. Instead, use your pain. Use the intense emotion. Transmute that energy into a life goal or project. Take that trip you’ve wanted to go on for years. Start that business you’re planning in your head. Finish school. Write that damn book already. Climb that mountain. Get into the best shape of your life. Be the best version of yourself.

That’s the lesson, after all. That’s what your karmic cords are all about. We apply the lesson to our soul’s evolution. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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