These Are The 3 Types Of Guys You’ll Love In Your Lifetime

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It’s undeniable that we get attracted with people whom we admire certain qualities, may they be physical or personality wise. But it’s rare that we actually fall in love and be in love with all of them. Of course there is that certain level of admiration where we could say that we just like them but that’s it. But there are those whom we’re hopelessly riveted to and it seems like they’re the only person we see and hear.

I believe that there are three types of guys whom we’ll be hopelessly, terribly, madly, deeply fall in love with and these three men in our life will make us happy, hurt us in the process but most importantly they will teach us a lesson. They will be one of those significant people in our lives whose presence and memory we won’t ever forget.

1. Young Love.

This guy will be the first one you’d fall in love with. He will be your firsts, first kiss, first dance, the first guy to introduce to parents (or probably not), firsts of everything you’d ever want to do with your significant other in a romantic way.

It will be like a honeymoon for you because it will be so sweet, so cheesy, so innocent and yet quite romantic. It will feel like you’re characters from the movies. You’d want to have a kiss on the beach with him. You’d want him to lift you up and twirl you with your feet not touching the floor. You’d want to watch the sunset with him. You’d want to have a walk in the beach with him, hand in hand, the sands beneath the soles of your feet. You’d watch the fireworks with him hugging you from behind. You’d lie down on the fields and watch the stars in the sky and just lie down beside each other quietly enjoying each other’s company.

But this will also be the guy whose heart you’ll break. It will be that kind of relationship that started young and carefree. At some point you’ll realize that you both have differences you can’t reconcile. You’ll wake up in a saddening reality that love alone is not enough to help you both survive in this world. There will be a lot of challenges, problems and difficulties that will test both of your patience and perseverance and not letting go of each other will both break you and crush your dreams. This is why you’ll break this young boy’s heart. It will be both your fault but it’s also something that has to happen. You have yet to see more of this world and you won’t be able to do that by holding on to each other. And even though you love him, you’ll eventually let him go because you both have to go and explore possibilities, opportunities and a lot more this world can offer.

2. Heartbreaking Love.

This time, you’ll get your heart broken. It may sound like the law of karma, and it might be, but I believe that like the first one, this kind of love has to happen, thus this type of guy has to come your way and sweep you off your feet.

By this time, you’d have seen the world, its beauty and cruelties, its wonder and bitterness. You’d realize that more than love, you need a man whom you can introduce to your parents (if you haven’t introduce the first yet) or the man whom you can see a clear and definite future with. This will be the man who supports your dreams and cheers you on your career. He will be someone who might not be always there for you because you both are working but will be one who’d check up on you and asks you how your day was, who’d untiringly listen to all your rants and sentiments, who’d share your happiness and sadness, the man whom you’d also want to get to know, who he is, what he wants, what makes him happy and sad, his dreams and aspirations, his plans for the future and stuff like that. He will be your travel buddy, your food craving partner, your coffee break companion and even your designated driver and photographer.

But eventually, he will break your heart because he won’t be ready yet for commitment. He isn’t yet sure if he’s ready to bind himself with someone for a lifetime. He will break your heart too because he might be ready to seal the deal, yet he has insecurities within himself that he has to solve yet. He would have been perfect for you but it might be, that you’re not yet the perfect woman for him. He’ll let you go. You won’t let him. You’d fight for what you both have for as long as you could but you can only do so much. You’ll eventually reach that point where it’s not worth it anymore and you just have to give it up already. You have to move on. You will not forget him but you will let him go.

3. True Love.

This time you’ll learn everything about there is in love, you’ve learned already how it feels to be loved but you’d had to let go of that love. You’ve learned already how to love yet you had to let that love go. You will have learned your lessons well. You’ve understood everything there is in love. You’re more mature than you could ever have been. You’re more than ready to give everything to the one you’ll love and spend your life with this person. It will be the perfect timing, a love that went through a lot. You and your partner were both prepared so that when you found each other already, everything will be as perfect as it could be. You’ll complement each other. You both are complete in your own ways. You just have to make each other be the best version of yourselves. You’ll still be facing challenges, difficulties, and trials but you’ll both face and overcome it together.

There you go. At what stage are you right now? Have you met your true love already? Are you recovering from a broken heart right now? Or have you hurt someone? This might not be true for all, but to those who saw it and experienced it the way I did, don’t lose hope. It’s not yet the end. I am a serial hopeless romantic and one that still wishes I’ll eventually have my happy ending with someone who I will love deeply, sincerely, despairingly. You should too. He’ll be there when you least expect him to. TC mark

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