50 Tiny Lessons I Learned Before Turning 35

Andrea Lipshits
Andrea Lipshits

I’ll be 35 this November. That’s about 12,410 days I’ve occupied a humble corner of the world, shared the air with any breathing humans, learned to walk where the earth had carried me thus far, and my heart have been beating for about 1,395,632,000 times (based on a rough calculation I did on Google). However, there’s a shift to a new chapter in my life this year, which I’ve to share this with no holds barred.

1. To start off every new day with a grateful heart.

2. Looking into the mirror in the morning and say: ‘You’re The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’, even if there’s a zit on my face.

3. Be a solo traveller, at least for once in your life.

4. It’s absolutely nothing wrong to have a celebrity crush.

5. Never be afraid to say ‘No’.

6. Brisk walking in a moderate pace has improved my life.

7. Admit your fault and say ‘I’m sorry’ and really mean it.

8. Filter your sentence in your mind before speaking.

9. Anything can change within seconds.

10. Don’t be a ‘Yes’ person all the time.

11. There’re things you can’t control in life, so just learn to let go.

12. Do yourself a favour and move on when one door has been shut.

13. It’s not too late to hug and tell someone ‘I Love You’.

14. Write down your favourite quotes in a notebook/journal. It might help while going through some tough times.

15. Slow down your pace and listen to your body.

16. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique in their own way.

17. You don’t have to tell anyone about your personal life/relationships.

18. Delete negative people off from your life.

19. Swearing is absolutely acceptable but don’t make it as a habit.

20. Don’t only dream that dream. If it’s worth the chase, work hard on it.

21. Be grateful and appreciate little things in life.

22.It’s not right to work out in the gym after a stressful day at work.

23. Donate your time to others who are in need, within your means.

24. Say ‘thank you’ to show your appreciation toward others’ effort.

25. Do things that make you happy even it may not make any sense, but be sure to question the ‘what if’.

26. Compliment someone. They might not be here tomorrow.

27. Sometimes, it’s alright to cry alone and talking to the sky, whether it’s gloomy or bright, it won’t complain and your secret is safe with it.

28. Don’t be afraid to admit your weakness.

29. Life is a love and hate collide experiment. Never stop learning.

30. Be nice to others but don’t expect them to return the similar.

31. Challenge yourself to do or learn something that’ll benefit you.

32. Be proud of who you really are, ethnically.

33. Take lots of photos. Your memory in the brain has a limited storage.

34. Never hesitate to date someone younger. Compatibility is what counts.

35. Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

36. Cherish your life. Your body is the only place your soul lives.

37. Don’t judge others when you know very little about the life they’re living.

38. When you’re feeling lost, look back at all those tougher times you’ve walked on, and the achievements that had brought you here.

39. Filial obligations must be dealt prudently.

40. Stress is a silent killer.

41. Laugh at your own jokes.

42. Be compassionate. These people are hard to find.

43. Listen when someone’s talking. The story will either enlighten or break you.

44. Pay it forward whenever you’re able to.

45. Be the first person in the ice-breaking group to start the ball rolling.

46. Family ties are not necessarily thicker than water.

47. I can learn to forgive others, but impossible to forget.

48. There’s no deadline in overcoming grief.

49. It is okay to believe in sex after marriage.

50. Yesterday is history. No one can predict the future. And today is a gift, so live your life to the fullest.

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