5 Ways Our Heart Strings Are Like Actual Instruments

Flickr / Scott Meis
Flickr / Scott Meis

You probably have felt this feeling in your heart which is hard to put into words; where the feeling is triggered by ecstatic, surprised, emotional, frustrated, and affectionate emotions. Personally, I have experienced this whole range of emotions in my life, and that tugging sensation on your heartstrings can be so beautiful yet lethal for those who guard their hearts. 

1. To the ecstatic

Your heartstrings are playing a melodious harmony. It feels light, unburdened, care free. Treasure this feeling; the feeling of screaming joy. It certainly doesn’t come around everyday with all the stress that may pop up every now and then. Its a blessing because you have been a blessing to someone else. 

2. To the surprised

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I love surprises. There’s a charm in being oblivious to something, where your mind is a sheet of pure white. There’s beauty in unpredictability, where you’re caught off guard to make that moment just a little bit more memorable. An electrical current being sent through your heartstrings, startling isn’t it? Gives you an extra boost; and we all can use that little extra boost in our day.

3. To the emotional

Most people view this as a shortcoming, as though you are a ‘mess’ or a ‘wreck’. That is such a cynical misconception. We all have emotions, it just depends on how much we pursue it. “That dance was so moving”, “that was such a heart-warming movie”. Your heart feels something doesn’t it. You physically feel the emotions tiptoeing on your heart’s surface. Its a gentle touch, but triggers a cosmic dimension of emotions. If a song speaks to me, my mind responds, and my heart reacts, maybe with the product of tears. Everyone has cried. It is not a form of weakness, rather, an expression of your personality in situations where your heartstrings are being moved and tugged. For the broken hearted, cry all you need to. Take your time to heal. But just remember, your broken heart still beats; life goes on. Better things will slowly unravel and be revealed to you to ease and eventually, mend your bandaged heart.


To the frustrated

Your heartstrings are tense, maybe fragile. A paper heart perhaps; one push or pull and it will tear. Your mind speaks faster than your words, things and thoughts that shouldn’t be said was said. Frustration is dangerous; because your heart has not exploded into a rage, rather, it is at a breaking point. The frontier of frustration has to be tamed before more heartstrings become enmeshed. 


To the affectionate

Liking someone is a generic example. Your heart skips a beat, to put it in a cliché manner. The butterflies are not in your tummy, but in your heart. Maybe you are in love; and for those hopeless romantics, your heartstrings are continually fluttering. Maybe you miss someone, and your heartstrings are in a knot. Have faith, it isn’t a dead knot, it will be untied upon reunion. But if its someone who you will no longer be reunited with, I am certain that time will untie the knots.

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls, very high.

Your heart is literally your life. Listen to it. Nourish it. Guard it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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