We Are Not Perfect Beings, But We’re Perfect For Each Other


It was instant, the unexplainable connection I felt towards you. Your eyes became my favorite color and your voice, my lullaby, within hours of setting sight upon each other. When you smiled it was the most genuine grin I’ve ever seen, it made me wish that I could somehow manage to make sure that you would never shed another tear again. The way you chuckled when you thought I wasn’t paying attention made me want to remember each sound wave so I could listen to your laughter whenever life wasn’t being kind to me. The mere thought of your lips on mine would make my heart flutter more than I would have ever predicted. My heart beat is slow and steady nowadays, but the desire to kiss you still comes as easy as breathing for me. I couldn’t seem to get enough of you, then. I can’t get enough of you, now.

I admitted the undeniable fact that we had something special when I described you to my friends.

I knew I made them wonder if they would ever be lucky enough to come across someone who would make them glow half as much as I did when I thought about you.

Needless to say, I thought about you often; enough to believe that thoughts of you ran marathons on the inside of my head. I mustered up the courage to embrace my feelings for you when I realized that you did what infuriated every fiber of my being when anyone else did it, and I found a way to think of it as an adorable quirk when it came to you. I didn’t correct you when you thought you had proven me wrong, for the way your eyes shone brighter than street lights in the darkest of nights inhibit me of putting my thoughts into words.

It wasn’t until I realized that I wanted to be consistently yours, even though routines always bored me, that I understood I was in love with you.

Although I was always the kind to shut people out, a simple touch of yours could calm the storms I had for thoughts on my bad days. You were my strength, seeing as my love for you made me want to be brave. You were also my weakness, since I found myself hoping that I would never have to know what it felt like to be without you. It was then when I comprehended that you were everything I didn’t know I wanted, needed even. You drove me crazy, countless times, yet you also kept me sane. I finally figured out that this was exactly the reason why my favorite part of the day was any time I spent with you.

Truthfully, I know I will make mistakes, as will you. We are not perfect beings. We are only perfect for each other, because our imperfections complement us. It is because of this realization that I no longer punish myself with the painful memories that others left behind. It wasn’t meant to work with any of them, because it was written in the stars that I would come to love you, for this would lead me to love life itself. I can’t ask for anything, nor anyone, better for me than you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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