Like Him Or Not, This Friday Donald Trump Is Going To Be *Your* President

Pixabay / geralt
Pixabay / geralt

He is our President.

Well, he will be this week.

By definition, if you are an American citizen, and you are living in the United States, Donald Trump will be my, your, and our president.

It doesn’t matter if you voted. It doesn’t matter if you voted for him, Hillary Clinton, or your dog. It’s irrelevant if you are a Democrat or a Republican.

Proclaiming “He’s not my president” is not only inaccurate, but it goes against everything the ancestors of our Great Nation accomplished. Yes, I said, “Great.” America is great. It is the greatest country in the world. We do not need Donald Trump to make it great Again. 

As someone who works for our government, near our nation’s capital, every day I see first-hand just how much divide the election of Trump has caused for our country. I firmly support protests, and expressing your mind. That is the American right, after all. However, there comes a point when we, as Americans, need to step up and close the chasm that this election has opened.

I am a woman; I so desperately believe not only in women’s rights, but in human rights. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, in gay marriage, and that All Lives Do Matter. Hillary Clinton, while she did not break the highest glass ceiling, was successful. She went higher and further than any woman in the political history of the United States. I applaud her efforts.

She is not my president, nor is she yours. Neither is Bernie Sanders. I’m sorry. For many of us, that’s a disappointment.

When our sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, boyfriends or girlfriends, don’t get accepted into their dream school of Harvard, do we hate and act venomous towards Harvard?


Maybe for a few days.

Then, after they enroll at a state school, at a Penn State or a University of Georgia, we proudly find ourselves supporting everything about the state school.

It’s time to accept that Donald Trump is our state school. We didn’t get our top choice. As a country, by numbers, more citizens voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will be our president. I’m not saying we need to run out and embrace him. We do not need to eat our words, swallow what we believe in, and vocally support him. Don’t fly the American flag on your front porches and your mailboxes, don’t wear Trump hats and t-shirts, but please do stop hating.

As a country, we must stop hating on him. We must stop promoting hatred, spewing venom, and hoping for him to fail.

Hoping Donald Trump fails as our president is hoping that America fails as a country.

If he fails, if he falls on his face like many Americans hopes he does, America fails.

Trump is scary to many. He’s scary to most racial demographics that are non-white, he’s scary when he talks about nuclear bombs, he’s scary to the LGBTQ community; he’s scary to many people for many reasons. I get it, he’s scary, but he hasn’t done anything yet.

He hasn’t nuked Russia. He hasn’t revoked gay marriage rights. We have limited options here. Let’s give him a chance. If he fails, then we can yell, cry, scream, and demand impeachment.

If you want to protest something, let’s protest the Electoral College and our voting process. However, Donald Trump won this election fair and square.

No, he did not win the popular vote, but that wasn’t his goal. He went into the election knowing he wasn’t going to win California, so he spent zero time campaigning there. None. If he had, maybe the popular vote would have been closer.

He ran a smart campaign, and for that, we need to support him. America voted him in.

The next presidential election cycle starts again in just a couple years (I know, I’m not ready either). Let’s just exhale. Maybe, just maybe, this businessman turned politician, can keep us afloat until someone more your style, or mine, comes into office. Hang in there, my fellow citizens. Let’s just take a vow to not do any further damage by ripping down this man before he even takes office.

Like it or not, love it or hate it, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America.

As American citizens, it is our patriotic duty to hope the best for our country. It is in the best interests of our country for Donald Trump to succeed.

Join me in rooting for America to succeed as a country. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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