Thank You For Choosing To Love Me

Joao Silas

To the man who never fails to make me feel like a blessing:

Thank you for letting me know how you feel. I know that it was not easy for someone to express their feelings, let alone say it to a woman who didn’t have romance in her mind.

Thank you for never failing to make me feel beautiful, not just in your words, but in your actions. I’ve never felt such sincerity from someone as they say “You really are beautiful” as I see how your eyes look at me with an intensity of complete honesty and amazement. Never have I felt so beautiful in my life.

Thank you for always protecting and honoring me. Never have I met a man who would promise to protect me and my purity, and see the resolve in his eyes as he does so. You never acted out of line, instead always acted with chivalry and respect.

You never fail to remind me of how much you respect me, and want nothing but to protect me, not just from the temptations of this world, but also from yourself. This showed me how much you value my worth and I feel so honored that you have decided to protect me, out of every other girl.

Thank you for patiently putting up with my moods, and being mature as you remind me to be the same. I know that I’m not easy to understand, and as complex as they come. I act childishly and immaturely when I don’t get what I want, and it gets unbearable. Yet, you choose to gently and patiently chastise me and correct me. And even when I fight you and get mad at you, you take it with no offense, both graciously and maturely.

Thank you for accepting me as I am, and constantly reminding me that I don’t have to change for your account; but, at the same time encouraging me to be a better, no, to be the best version of myself. You never fail to make me feel your unconditional love for me, even when I get on your nerves. You sweetly remind me of how much you love me whenever I breakdown, as I succumb to the guilt of realizing a mistake that I have made. You constantly remind me that I am more than enough when you know that I feel inadequate, even when I don’t say a word.

Thank you for reminding me of where my heart and mind should always be. Thank you for always telling me to guard my focus, and reminding me of what life should be about. As you gently remind me that you shouldn’t be my number one priority, even if I start loving you. I have never felt so loved, and yet, not obliged to feel the same. I have never felt such selfless love.

Thank you for choosing to wait for me, for telling me that I’m worth waiting for. I suppose, anyone would feel honored to have someone tell them this. I know that it’s hard to wait on someone to be completely ready, but you choose to do so, to honor my dreams and to support me with my plans in life.

Thank you for making me a part of your plans for the future. I would always be grateful at how you strive and work hard to the point that I complain about how you push yourself too hard, but effectively hush my complaints when you tell me: “This is for our future.”

Thank you for taking time to understand me, all of me. You always remind me of how you find my weird little quirks endearing, and how you understand and support my feminist views. You never insist on carrying my things for me, but always makes me feel your happiness and gratefulness when I do let you carry them.

Thank you for choosing to love me, for showing me the right kind of love, the agape kind of love.

Thank you for being a constant blessing in my life. I have never felt so blessed to have someone love me as you do. You not only let me feel your love, but also your desire to lead me and guide me closer to Him. God knows how thankful, grateful and blessed I am to have someone like you love me. And I pray that we continue to grow closer to Him together, and continue to remind each other that He should always be at the center of our lives. And that, in the future, everything will beautifully and magnificently fall into place for the both of us.

I promise that I will always be your “beautiful sunshine,” your best friend; and that I will never take you, nor your love, for granted. And, I will continue to pray for you, because I know in my heart, that you are also praying to God for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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