22 Truths You Should Always Keep In Mind While Traveling

Fernando Rodríguez / flickr.com
Fernando Rodríguez / flickr.com

How nice it is to meet people, to talk to complete strangers, and to learn those precious and weird pieces of advice that you would never ordinarily hear. I love the airport – that rare feeling of liberty, of seeing emphatic embraces after long-overdue arrivals, and heartfelt tears at departures. A very peculiar feeling, indeed, this collection of different emotions. The distinct, stale smell of the cabin when you first walk in. And that hopeful feeling upon landing, of being in a new, foreign place. How beautiful life is, if you choose to learn from it.

While waiting for my flight home, I began to reflect on my trip and all that I learned. Things I wish I had known or remembered to keep in mind while traveling.

1. That everything happens for a reason.

2. That love is not something you easily attain.

3. That life gives you bad people in order to learn something from them.

4. That you must always remember how good you have it.

5. To always remember to save money, and to then use that money to travel.

6. To laugh as much as you can.

7. To have memories by yourself that you can cherish forever.

8. That you have to actually put in work to see results.

9. That you always deserve more time to heal if you need it.

10. To move the ^&!@# on!

11. To embrace reality because you have no other choice.

12. To think twice before trusting people.

13. That people will disappoint you and break your heart.

14. To be a happier person than you were yesterday.

15. To get rid of the people who upset you.

16. To be more kind.

17. To embrace and love yourself unceasingly.

18. To stop looking for love, because that’s the only way you’ll find it.

19. To not to sell yourself short; that you really do deserve the best.

20. To love and love and love again.

21. To try and fail, and to learn from these mistakes.

22. And remember to never stop learning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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