Why Your Best Friend Is Better Than Prince Charming

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

He’s that one guy who is always there for you—completely and unconditionally. He is your shoulder to cry on, your confidant, and your best friend. Sure, you know he is attractive, but after countless hours of discussing anything from philosophy to bowel movements, you have shoved him aggressively into that black hole we call the friend zone.

The funny thing about two straight people of the opposite sex being friends is that it is completely and utterly impossible.

So, this is to all the girls who know that their best friend is in love with them:

We girls live our lives by a checklist: Is he sweet, but not too sweet? Is he funny, but in a mature way? Is he going to be/is he successful? Does he have an amazing body? Is he tall enough for me? Does he hold the door for me? Did he pick up that last check? The list goes on and on.

I’d like you to just stop for a moment and think “Is that really what I want?”

Do you want the checklist—the perfect-on-paper man who doesn’t actually click with you at all? Do you want to have to be a chameleon to his likes and desires because you are trying so hard to please a man that meets all of your criteria? Or do you want a man who shares your passions, who encourages your dreams, who grows and matures with you? Do you perhaps want your best friend? The person who is there for the highs and the lows, who still holds on regardless of how many tears you shed over ex’s. The person who you get along well enough with to spend every single day in each other’s presence. The person who you can talk to about anything?

We live our lives by a checklist without realizing that what we really want is right there in front of us. Chances are, you’ve cuddled with your best friend when you are lonely, you’ve danced with him at that one grimy club, you’ve wrestled with him when he tried to steal your last bite of ice cream. You love each other’s good side and tolerate each other’s bad side.

You’re incredibly happy being with him, so what’s the problem? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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