Girls Should Not Have Muscles

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Disclaimer: There will be no disclaimer. There will be no warning for triggers (except this one about not having warnings). I’m not trying to offend you but if you do get offended you’ll probably let me know in the comments.

  • “Girls shouldn’t have huge muscles! They’re not bodybuilders.”
  • “Anything more than toned muscle is disgusting and manly on women.”
  • “You should try to be more feminine.”
  • “She’s probably gay, why else is she trying to look like a man?”

It’s summertime and you know what that means? Beaches, sun, barbecues, movies and all the other fun random things you do with friends. It also means it’s time to show off or work on your body in the gym. Guys putting in hard work about five days a week making sure their bodies are in peak condition. Girls…well girls should….shut up about lifting and being in the gym and just do it.

When it comes to girls and the recent “Muscle/Strong is the new sexy” campaign on social media has gotten real annoying. Hopefully people have noticed there is a more positive connotation around this topic but there a quite a few that still feel there isn’t OR there are guys who still think girls shouldn’t be in the gym and their muscles are manly. To those guys please get over yourselves. Those guys aside that is not what I want to talk about. I want to vent about the girls in fitness and the movement that turned the #fitgirls, #girlswithmuscles, #girlwithabs, and girls who take #belfies into the biggest hypocrites on social media. Let’s talk about that..

Why I’m upset about this? Why did it, all of a sudden (2013-ish), become cool for girls to take muscled mirror pictures and selfies. I want you to rewind time a year ago, five years ago. Guys were douchebags for doing that. They were assholes for “living this lifestyle” as some fit/lift girls put it. Don’t believe me? That’s fine but it’s the truth. When myspace was a thing and taking a muscled pic was almost a sin. These jokes aren’t as prominent any more but shows like family guy, south guy, etc all made these jokes. If you use there use to be forums about it. That’s why I’m upset. These fitness girls are the biggest hypocrites on the internet.

Example:So many people think that a women should be soft and curvy and if you are not, then I guess you are gross… Lol…Well I think a women should be whatever they want to be….and this is what I want to be!! Be your F**king SELF.” This quote was from two years ago but it pretty much captures this mindset that the girls in fitness have taken. The mindset that has modified to this, “you don’t like my muscles deal with it” or “fit is the new sexy” or “this is my lifestyle” or “girls don’t let guys tell you…” quotes. Newsflash those were the people growing up that called the shirtless mirror pics trashy. Second newsflash, not all guys feel the way you think they do. Surprisingly enough this hardcore push of women have just as much right to lift or be in the gym was unnecessary. Trust me. Most guys thought and think it’s sexy a girl is getting in the gym and getting things done. The ones that pushed back were the ones that were annoyed with the response the women’s fit community gave whenever a guy would say they didn’t like the muscles so much. It was always this narcissistic, self righteous, hypocritical answer.

Listen, I love girls with muscles. It’s inspirational. Anyone in the gym getting stuff done is. This was just me venting but I want the girls that still feel they need to tag their photos with some pseudo-inspirational hashtag and then bash some imaginary hater for their muscles. It’s not—you know what this is pointless. I’m probably going get comments about how I’m just jealous of her gains or insecure about my body and they’re probably going to be from women. To those girls I say look in the mirror, you just turned into the judgmental asshole that told you something like you don’t belong in the gym or you shouldn’t lift. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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