5 Things Jess Day From New Girl Has Taught Me

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULg49_MUvjE&w=584&h=390%5D

1. Be yourself: Remember when Jess was first meeting the guys and she wanted to be their roommate? She was weird as hell and guess what! She still got to move in! Even as a teacher, Jess is off the walls at all times and does whatever she wants to do and everybody loves and appreciates her for it.

2. Know your worth: Jess got cheated on and taken advantage of by that douchebag boyfriend with the long hair who she was way too hot and cool for anyway, but when he tried to even be her friend again, Jess shot him down knowing he didn’t deserve a second more of her time.

3. Everything will work out exactly as it should: When she got cheated on, of course she was upset! When she was applying for jobs and wasn’t really getting good results, of course she was discouraged! But she kept trying and kept on truckin’ through and came out on the other end happy as could be.

4. Follow your heart: Despite being Nick’s roommate and knowing the troubles that could come along with dating your roommate, Jess never let anybody else’s opinions/thoughts come in the way of her feelings for Nick. So cute.

5. Be a true friend: There is nothing Jess wouldn’t do for CeCe, and vice-versa. Those two have some weird life-long bond that we can all relate to and we should all strive to have with our BFFs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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