Dear Woman: Embrace Every Wonderful Piece Of Your Multidimensional Self

Hannah Busing

We have developed a strong cultural muscle of instantly categorizing people. The feeling and force of being categorized, for women in particular, is so strong that we’ve been given subliminal lessons from a young age through adulthood to exist as if our multidimensionality doesn’t.

When a man is smart, strong, and successful, works to upkeep a certain physical aesthetic, and is a Trojan of sociability in the city, he is celebrated. A multi-talented god for all to adore, and rightfully so–why not? He is a human with energy and he manifests it.

When a woman is smart, strong, and successful, works to upkeep a certain physical aesthetic, and is a Helen of Troy of sociability in the city¬–she is excessive.

As if women must choose, by the time of graduation into early adulthood, which universe they will live in. The one that is stern, serious, and professional, or the one that is adventurous, fun, and embraces all things beautiful.

This perception exists on a false understanding of gender and what it is supposed to be.

The truth is that these universes are not separate; they are fluid and creativity exists in the intermingling of both.

They are not different waters, and you are not meant to float in only one stream.

You, woman, are as multidimensional as the stars can be.

Choose to embrace every part of your multi-dimensional self. Explore your personality in all of its layers like flipping through the pages of a newly printed book: every page is different, and some chapters can even stand on their own, but they all contribute to the whole.

Your creativity, your beauty, your willpower, your humor, your confidence, your work ethic, your determination to get things done and bring life to your ideas–

These characteristics, and more, are all yours.

All yours to internalize and all yours to live.

Pick and choose freely amongst them like a paint palette and create a nuanced masterpiece. Use all the shades of red, yellow, blue, green, orange, or purple and mix them together in every way the rules told you not to.

Explore your multidimensionality unapologetically, although society finds it shocking to see a woman that is intelligent, achieved, and also embraces her beauty, body, sociability, and humor.

Shock them. People are meant to be shocked.

Smart woman. Fit woman. Pretty woman. Strong woman.
–All these boxes we’ve categorized you in–
Funny woman. Gentle woman. Seductive woman. Driven woman.

You are all of it, woman.

You’re a human full of soul, full of light, and full of energy. You are constantly molding and evolving, learning and breathing in the lessons and truths you come across while walking through life.

Shock the society that has made it taboo for a woman to be both smart and beautiful.

Shock the society that wants you to uphold femininity all the time and be headstrong and goal-oriented only when convenient.

Shock them, in fact, until it is no longer shocking. Until multidimensionality is embraced as naturally as it feels, by you and generations after you.

Because you, woman, are as multidimensional as the stars can be.

And that is where your brilliance lies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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