7 Reasons Caleb Could Be Big A On ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Spoilers through the most current episode of “Pretty Little Liars.”
Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars

For fans of the TV show “Pretty Little Liars,” the date March 24, 2015 has been etched in our calendars for weeks. We’ve been teased, mislead, and straight-up tortured by the curiosity of not knowing the identity of the show’s all-powerful villain, Big A. However, all of that is about to change – the promos for the Season 5 finale seem to indicate that we will finally get some answers.

There are many theories floating around the internet regarding the identity of A. Many fans are quick to suspect some obviously shady characters like Andrew or Detective Tanner – but when has anything in “PLL” been obvious?

The theory that Caleb could actually be A is not a popular one, as he is definitely a beloved character. He could be described as a “dream boyfriend,” as he is fiercely loyal, passionate, and protective…almost to a point where we have to ask ourselves: is he too good to be true? Furthermore, if there’s anything we know about “PLL” it’s this: the show loves to mess with our heads.

Here are seven reasons why Caleb might actually be the show’s uber villain:

1. He’s the only main character who truly has the computer skills to be A. 

We know that A is a talented hacker. The liars’ phones and computers have been hacked into over dozens of times, and A even managed to find a way into the cash register at The Brew. On numerous occasions, Caleb has donated his hacking knowledge to the girls. He’s cut wires of security cameras, broken into computers of college admission officers, and attempted to jailbreak several phones. If anyone on the show could pull off A’s ninja-like behaviors, it’s Caleb.

2. We know that Big A has a lot of cashmoneyz…and Caleb has connections.

When Hanna has run into money issues, Caleb has offered to reach out to family in California. There’s been several instances where he has insinuated that he has financial resources – and don’t forget that he is able to sustain an independent lifestyle as a teenager, without any income from a job. Big A is also someone with a lot of money. In Rosewood, there are no coincidences.

3. His random absences (even “Ravenswood”) could be more purposeful than we think.

There’s been several times throughout the show where Caleb has casually disappeared, not even including his stint on the ABC Family spinoff show, “Ravenswood.” The writers of “PLL” have insinuated that they’ve been methodically planning the series’ third act for a while. As viewers,  we don’t really know how Caleb’s involvement with Ravenswood affects the plot of “PLL.” But given the fact that the writers are so meticulous with detail, it’s likely that there’s a connection that has not yet been revealed.

4. Two words: cow parts.

 Perhaps the most obvious of clues to date would be the surprise package from A that Aria and Mike received in the most recent episode. Inside the box, they find…a huge animal tongue, which definitely looks like it could belong to a cow. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that cow body parts have made an appearance on this show. Remember back in Season 3 when Mona found a cow brain in her locker? In the episode, “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno,” it was revealed that Caleb was the one who planted it. Again – there are no coincidences in Rosweood.

5. He’s never really been a suspect, even with his shady behavior early on.

So many of the characters have been suspected of playing a part in A’s game, or have been revealed to be part of the A team at one point. It would feel sort of redundant if Big A is actually Ezra, or Toby, or even Mona. Fool you once, and all that. On the other hand, Caleb has never been a heavy suspect, not even when the girls were wary of him towards the beginning of the show. Knowing that “PLL” likes to surprise us, this would be a very shocking plot twist.

6. Caleb’s seemingly protective behavior could have a darker motive.

The most common response to this theory is, “But Caleb loves Hanna! He always tries to protect her!” Think about it – Caleb is always trying to convince Hanna to confess and tell the police the truth, but almost any time someone attempts to do this, things inevitably get worse. Hanna’s arrest was expedited by the fact that she went to the police station to confess, armed only with the texts from A. And who could make them disappear that quickly? Only a hacker such as Caleb.

7. We’ve been told that the Big A reveal will be heartbreaking and twisted.

Many of the cast members have gone on record saying that the reveal of Big A will change the show forever. Sasha Pieterse, who plays Allison DiLaurentis on the show, has been quoted as saying, “It’s more sad and disheartening than anything.” If the knowledge of A’s identity will break the hearts of fans more than make us scream and yell, “I knew it!” it means only one thing – A is a character that we love. And who is loved almost more than anyone else on this show? Caleb Rivers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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