25 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Musical Theatre Actress

Mickey Thurman
Mickey Thurman

1. We will sing – all the time. In the shower, while cooking, while cleaning, while just hanging out. Think Jess Day on “New Girl.” Like that, but way more often, and with a lot more Rodgers & Hammerstein.

2. If you offer to help us staple our headshots and resumes together, you will win some major boyfriend points.

3. Road trips mean only one thing – the entire two disc set of “Les Mis.” Or “RENT.” Or “Into the Woods.” You get the idea.

4. If your car has Sirius radio, you’d better auto-program that Broadway channel asap.

5. Similarly, if you live in the Boston area, it can pretty much be assumed that we’re listening to 88.9 / WERS in the car every Saturday and Sunday morning.

6. A long-awaited movie was released on Valentine’s Day – and no, it’s not “50 Shades of Grey” – it’s “The Last 5 Years.”

7. You’ll win us over if you say, “Hey let’s order pizza and watch that video of your high school performance of ‘Grease.’”

8. Two words: karaoke bar.

9. Please be patient when we need to hot roll our hair before an audition. Yes, it does really need to take that long.

10. We are very touchy feely with our friends, of both genders. What can look like flirting is really just us being…us.

11. Many of our stories will begin with, “This one time, during (insert name of show) rehearsal….”

12. But we have some pretty amazing stories, admit it. Tech week is a breeding ground for craziness.

13. We will go to extremes to embrace a role – it’s called method acting, but it presents itself as us being weird. Just go with it.

14. We’re pretty good kissers. Real talk.

15. The Tony Awards are basically our version of the Super Bowl. Tony night requires lots of snacks, lots of drinks, and very serious focus. Bonus if you want to make predictions and place bets.

16. The newly annual “live” televised musicals are extremely important to watch…and simultaneously critique. Every second.

17. We can talk for hours about our favorite obscure musicals – if you brush up on your “Bat Boy” or “Bare” references, you’ll be in, forever.

18. A gift card to Sheet Music Plus is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

19. We will defend Idina Menzel to the bitter end – no matter what happened to that last note during her New Year’s performance. Girl was Elphaba. Enough said.

20. If we ask you to listen to our audition piece, please give constructive criticism, but be nice. We are usually trying to get our butterflies out, and if you make us nervous…that’s a good thing.

21. Help us run lines, and we’ll return the favor in some equivalent yet non-theatrical way.

22. If you show up for a date in Fred Astaire shoes, we’ll swoon.

23. Our fantasy man isn’t Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling, but more like Jeremy Jordan or Aaron Tveit.

24. We feel everything to the zillionth degree, which means we’re extremely sensitive and emotional. Handle our feelings with care and you’ll be rewarded with the greatest passion imaginable.

25. We live for the moment and are entirely spontaneous. Choose us, and you’re choosing adventure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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